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Food Reads: Roman Pastas + Ancient Cookies

Nicholas Teodoro

April 14, 2017


The origins of these four Roman pastas are as apocryphal as Romulus and Remus, which is exactly what makes them so much fun to cook. [Food52]

Broaden your vino-horizons and try a wine you may not have known existed: sparkling red. [NYT]

Bring the bold Southern Italian taste of Neapolitan Easter into your kitchen with the traditional pizza gain. [Saveur]

Chicken sticking to the pan may be the definition of aggravation, but if you follow these tips you’ll never be scraping the bottom again. [Bon Appétit]

Peeps are the iconic Easter candy...invented by a Jewish immigrant. [Food & Wine

Wondering why you should snack on nuts? This chart is your answer. [HuffPo]

Maamoul cookies usher in Eid, and their rich history and buttery dough provide a taste of ancient Egypt. [NPR]

JBF Award Winner Naomi Pomeroy explains how to create a great tasting menu: make it flow like a symphony. [Eater