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Food Reads: Snortable Chocolate + Feeding a Crowd

Halley Crane

July 14, 2017


Attention all chocoholics: snortable chocolate has hit store shelves. [Huffington Post]

One restaurant in Washington, D.C. is attempting to build camraderie by having its chefs and servers swap places. [Washingtonian]

In honor of the company’s 80th birthday, Krispy Kreme will be giving customers a sweet deal for a baker’s dozen. [Food & Wine]

Hamburger Mary’s franchises are planning an expansion that could bring drag queen karaoke and bacon cheeseburgers to a town near you. [Bon Appétit]

How and why bottled water became America’s favorite beverage. [Serious Eats]

A recent scientific discovery in Scotland may have whiskey replacing petrol at the gas pump. [Food & Wine]

Celebrate the unique flavors of the Middle East with these 48 dishes that are perfect for any occasion. [Saveur]

Cookbook author Andrea Nguyen explains how to make homemade pho ga without having to go to an Asian supermarket (or Vietnam). [Munchies]

This list of cooking tips will help you stay sane the next time you find yourself feeding a crowd. [NY Times]


Halley Crane is the media department intern at the James Beard Foundation. Follow her on Instagram.