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Get to Know the 2016 Broadcast Media Nominees

JBF Editors

JBF Editors

April 12, 2016


Just as the dialogue around food has expanded beyond what’s on our plates, the subjects dissected in food media have grown to include the political, the personal, and even the philosophical. Fittingly, the 2016 JBF Broadcast Media Award nominees provide us with many serious topics to ponder, and there's still plenty of content for those of you who are looking for something that's simply delicious.

Find clips from our nominees below. Be sure to be following us on Tuesday, April 26, when we announce the winners at the Book, Broadcast & Journalism Awards in New York City. 



For Grace

Filmmakers: Kevin Pang and Mark Helenowski

Airs on: Vimeo, iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play

Just Eat It: A Food Waste Story

Director: Grant Baldwin

Producers: Jenny Rustemeyer and Melanie Wood

Airs on: MSNBC

The Starfish Throwers

Director: Jesse Roesler

Producers: Jesse Roesler and Melody Gilbert

Airs on: DirecTV Audience Network and iTunes

Outstanding Personality/Host

Vivian Howard

A Chef’s Life

Airs on: PBS

Host: Pati Jinich

Pati’s Mexican Table (password: 2016Pdjhost)

Airs on: WETA 

Andrew Zimmern

Bizarre Foods

Airs on: Travel Channel


Burnt Toast

Host: Kenzi Wilbur

Producers: Laura Mayer, Henry Molofsky, and Andy Bowers

Airs on: iTunes and Soundcloud

Eat This Podcast

Host: Jeremy Cherfas

Producer: Jeremy Cherfas

Airs on:


Host: Tina Antolini

Producer: Tina Antolini 

Airs on:

Radio Show/Audio Webcast

Eating in Sync with Our Master Clocks

Host: Allison Aubrey

Airs on: NPR’s Eating and Health

The Food Chain: Chinatown

Host: Dan Saladino

Producers: Kent DePinto, Sarah Stolarz, and Dan Saladino

Airs on: NPR Stations/BBC World Service

What’s On Your Plate: The Family Peach Farm That Became a Symbol of the Food Revolution and A Crime of Passion: When the Love of Yogurt Burned Too Bright (additional content here)

Host: Dan Charles

Producer: Jeff Rogers

Airs on: NPR’s The Salt


CBS Sunday Morning: The Food Issue: Eat Drink & Be Merry

Host: Charles Osgood

Director: Nora Gerard

Producers: Rand Morrison, Gavin Boyle, Jason Sacca, and Amy Rosner

Airs on: CBS

Christmas at Bobby’s (password: Bobby)

Host: Bobby Flay

Producers: Bobby Flay, Kim Martin, Kirsty Nordal, Stacy Onge, Crystal Bahmaie, and Elina Brown

Airs on: Food Network

Lidia Celebrates America: Home for the Holidays

Host: Lidia Bastianich

Producers: Laurie Donnelly, Anne Adams, and Shelly Burgess Nicotra

Airs on: PBS

Television Program, in Studio or Fixed Location

Extra Virgin (password Virgin)

Hosts: Debi Mazar and Gabriele Corcos

Producers: Gordon Elliott, Mark Schneider, Dan Connell, Sara Porter, Debi Mazar, and Gabriele Corcos​

Airs on: Cooking Channel

Jacques Pépin Heart & Soul

Host: Jacques Pépin

Producer: Tina Salter

Airs on: KQED-TV

Pati’s Mexican Table (password: WatchPMT)

Host: Pati Jinich

Producers: Gordon Elliott, Mark Schneider, Dan Connell, Sara Porter, and Pati Jinich

Airs on: WETA

Television Program, on Location

A Chef’s Life

Host: Vivian Howard

Producers: Vivian Howard and Cynthia Hill

Airs on: PBS

I’ll Have What Phil’s Having

Host: Phil Rosenthal

Producers: Laurie Donnelly, Phil Rosenthal, Richard Rosenthal, John Bedolis, Christopher Collins, Lydia Tenaglia, Craig H. Shepherd, and David Beebe

Airs on: PBS

The Mind of a Chef (password: MOACjamesbeard)

Hosts: Gabrielle Hamilton and David Kinch

Producers: Anthony Bourdain, Joseph Caterini, Christopher Collins, Lydia Tenaglia, Michael Steed, Jared Andrukanis, Alexandra Chaden, Jonathan Cianfrani, Nari Kye, Anna Chai, and Siobhan Walshe

Airs on: PBS

Television Segment

“Diving for Maine Sea Urchin,” “Tom the Truffle Dog,” “Are Vertical Farms the Future?” (password: truffledog)

Producers: Jeremy Harlan and Sarah LeTrent

Airs on: CNN, CNN Airport, and

TODAY Show’s “TODAY Food” (link coming soon)

Hosts: Erica Hill, Sheinelle Jones, Matt Lauer, Savannah Guthrie, and Carson Daly

Producers: Deborah Kosofsky, Samantha Wender, Rainy Farrell, Jackie Olensky, Bianca Borges, Allison Simpson, and Tina DeGraff

Airs on: NBC

PBS NewsHour’s “Food4Thought” (clip 1, clip 2, clip 3)

Host: Allison Aubrey

Producer: Mary Beth Durkin

Airs on: PBS

Video Webcast, Fixed Location and/or Instructional

Indian Curries: The Basics & Beyond (password: jbcraftsy)

Host: Raghavan Iyer

Producer: Jared Maher

Airs on:

Mad Genius Tips (clip 1, clip 2, clip 3)

Host: Justin Chapple

Producers: Alex Vallis, Keri Hansen, Cheryl Houser, and Brian Egan

Airs on:

3-Ingredient Recipes (clip 1, clip 2, clip 3)

Producer: Matt Duckor

Airs on:

Video Webcast, On Location

Seafood at the Source (additional content here)

Director: Ryan Ffrench

Producers: James Mulcahy and Ryan Ffrench

Airs on:

The Sushi Chef: Oona Tempest and Toshio Oguma

Producer: Elana Schulman

Airs on:

Yellow Barn Biodynamic Farm

Producer: Angus Cann

Airs on:

Visual and Technical Excellence

Avec Eric Season 3

Directors: Jason Goldwatch, Geoffrey Drummond, and Carlos Naude

Photographers: Sarorn R. Sim, Michael Berlucchi, and Daniel McKeown

Editors: Luis Alvarez y Alvarez, Sarah Stuve, Benjamin Di Giacomo, and Matthew Vigil 

Airs on: Cooking Channel

Chef’s Table

Directors: David Gelb, Clay Jeter, Brian McGinn, and Andrew Fried

Photographers: Will Basanta and Adam Bricker

Editors: Brad Grossman, J. Santos, Eric Freidenberg, Ravi Subramanian, Adrienne Gits, and Jesse Overman

Airs on: Netflix

Food for Thought, Food for Life

Director: Susan Rockefeller

Photographers: Robert Featherstone, Clarissa De Los Reyes, Rhiannon Hyde, Selene Richholt, Micah Schaffer, and Zao Wang

Editor: Jackie French

Airs on: and

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