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Happy Hour: The NoMad Bar's Sherry Bloody Mary

Hilary Deutsch

Hilary Deutsch

November 13, 2015


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When in need of a hair of the dog remedy, there’s nothing quite like a good Bloody Mary to ease you into the day. And while we love the traditional combination of tomato juice, horseradish, and vodka, we are certainly no stranger to innovation. If you're like us, you'll welcome Leo Robitschek’s sherry Bloody Mary. As bar manager of the lauded NoMad Bar in New York City, Robitschek knows a thing or two about crafting ingenious drinks—after all, the NoMad Bar was our 2014 winner for Outstanding Bar Program.

In this updated version of a time-honored classic, Robitschek swaps caramel-hued, dry Amontillado sherry for the standard vodka, which renders an earthy note. This rendition also doubles up on veggies by featuring fresh, vibrant beet juice, lending a magenta hue to the finished product. With a final few dashes of Maggi Liquid Seasoning, a Swiss flavor enhancer and Robitschek’s sub for the usual Worcestershire sauce, this sherry-anchored beverage will undoubtedly be welcomed at your brunch table. Watch the step-by-step video below, as senior editor Elena North-Kelly demonstrates how to make this “restorative” drink your new favorite Sunday morning sipper.

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Hilary Deutsch is editorial assistant at the James Beard Foundation. Find her on Instagram.