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Industry Voices: Sexual Misconduct in Restaurants

JBF Editors

November 16, 2017


Here at the James Beard Foundation, we continue to be deeply troubled by the proliferation of allegations of sexual misconduct in the restaurant industry. JBF strives to provide a platform for voices from the culinary community to speak out about industry issues. Below, we’ve collected a number of recent articles and op-eds from leading members of the food industry, featuring their responses on the state of the industry and their thoughts on how best to move forward.

Kat Kinsman: “How the John Besh Allegations Are Prompting Restaurants to Reevaluate Their Own Policies” [Food & Wine]

Amanda Cohen: “I've Worked in Food for 20 Years. Now You Finally Care About Female Chefs?” [Esquire]

Tom Colicchio: “An Open Letter to (Male) Chefs” [Medium]

Richie Nakano: “Opinion: Our Track Record on Speaking Up Sucks, and It Shouldn’t” [ChefsFeed]

Dana Cree: “It’s Not Actually Funny: We Need to Hold Chefs Accountable for Inappropriate Jokes” [Food & Wine]

Tracie McMillan: "When the Kitchen Isn't Safe for Women" [NYT]

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