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JBF News: NYC Public Schools Recipe Contest Semifinals



January 27, 2010


Recipe contest Now that the deadline for our healthy school lunch recipe contest has come and gone, it's time for the fun to begin: the judging! On Monday night at the New York City Food and Finance High School, over 25 plant-based recipes were prepared and served to a panel of judges that included pastry chef François Payard, NYC public schools executive chef Jorge Collazo, and elementary and high school students. The judges whittled down the entries to ten finalists, which will be cooked and sampled at the Beard House tomorrow evening. Stay tuned for the the results and photos! Special thanks to our partners, New York Coalition for Healthy School Food, the NYC Office of SchoolFood, Candle Café/79, and the New York City Food and Finance High School, for helping our kids eat well.