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Jobs We Love: Mindy Fox, Food Writer and Cookbook Author



August 13, 2009


Mindy FoxLast week we started profiling people in the food and beverage industry with fabulous food-focused jobs. For our second installment we talked to Mindy Fox, who has created an enviable career as a magazine editor, freelance food writer, food stylist, and cookbook author (check out her latest book, Olives & Oranges). Mindy will also be one of the judges of our Twitter Cook-Off. You still have a few more days to enter to win tickets to our exclusive Jack Daniel’s Birthday Party at the Beard House. Find out more >>> James Beard Foundation: What’s your job description? Mindy Fox: As the food editor at La Cucina Italiana, I primarily develop food stories and write recipes. I write recipe head notes and tips and, sometimes, feature articles. As a cookbook author, I create concepts for books, develop recipes and write all sorts of front matter text, recipes head notes and tips. I’ve been a ghost author and a co-author. As a co-author, I’ve worked with two great chefs: Sara Jenkins (on Olives & Oranges) and Karen DeMasco (on The Craft of Baking). Collaborating is a lot of fun. Read on to find out about Mindy's big break, her typical work day, and her advice for culinary job seekers >>>