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Kid-Friendly Food Everyone Will Want to Eat

Anya Hoffman

Anya Hoffman

June 23, 2015


In theory, we're not fans of kids' meals. In theory, we don't believe children should be allowed to fill their plates with only white food, or that one should have to transform broccoli and red pepper strips into artful renderings of scenes from the Lego movie in order to get one's children to eat vegetables. Food is food, right? We need to man up and stop serving our kids chicken nuggets shaped like Disney characters.

But, as anyone who is responsible for the feeding and watering of small humans at least three times a day knows, it can get a little exhausting. No matter how adventurous your kids are, some nights they just don't want to taste the parsley-flecked lamb stew or authentic Andalucian white gazpacho you made for dinner. Some nights they don't even want their plain buttered pasta touching their plain grilled chicken and their plain defrosted baby peas. And that's okay. Parenting, like any relationship, is about compromise. So we've put together a list of go-to meals that will hopefully (hopefully!) make everyone happy.

Soft Chicken Tacos [Real Simple]

The key to making this meal work is to let everyone decide what goes in his or her taco. Put out bowls of chicken, rice, beans, avocado, shredded cheese, and tomatoes, and let the kids serve themselves.

Fish Nuggets with Kale and Bacon [DALS]

Don't knock fish nuggets, because fish nuggets are delicious. The kale and bacon side will please the grown-ups. And if your kids will eat it too, fantastic. (Just please don't post about it on Facebook, okay?)

Cavatelli with Tomatoes and Fresh Ricotta [JBF]

This pasta could not be an easier weeknight dinner. Leave the basil on the side so that only those who aren't green-averse can sprinkle it on.

Glazed Shrimp Skewers with Broccoli [Kiwi]

Rule #1 of feeding kids: serving food on a stick always makes it more enticing, even if said food is seafood.