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Marcia "The Tablehopper" Gagliardi: It's Time to Hum(m) a Happy Tune



May 03, 2010


Just had a chance to powwow with the gracious and talented Daniel Humm of Eleven Madison Park (who won Best Chef New York). He took a moment to reminisce about living and working in San Francisco: “It has a special place in my heart. It was my first place in America, it was the place where I met my wife, it’s the place where I got four stars from the San Francisco Chronicle. I also loved to live there, I loved the ingredients...But there is something special about New York. When you come to New York, you feel that energy. Anybody who lives in New York is here to achieve something special. I wanted to be a part of that, to contribute to that energy. I am very happy to have a busy restaurant here. Like Frank Sinatra said..." [We both chuckled here]. "There is a lot of truth to what he said. If you can make it’re on top of the world.”