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Marcia "The Tablehopper" Gagliardi: Who is More Excited, Me or Nicole?



May 03, 2010


Huge congrats to Nicole Plue of Redd for winning the Outstanding Pastry Chef award. She turned me on to the wonders of New York eggs-on-a-roll (which is what she plans on having for her hangover breakfast tomorrow morning). When I asked about her culinary rock stars, she noted, “When I moved to New York to open Eleven Madison Park, Claudia Fleming was the badass in town—she was smart, her desserts were really clean and full of great execution and all about integrity of flavor. And Pichet Ong and Sherry Yard have always been good friends and very supportive.” I asked if she was to celebrate with a single dessert tonight, what would it be? “A chocolate chip cookie, right out of the oven.” Cheers, darling.