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Meet the 2015 Craig Claiborne Distinguished Restaurant Review Award Journalism Nominees

Maggie Borden and Alyssa Haak

Maggie Borden and Alyssa Haak

April 16, 2015


Portland Monthly

When Craig Claiborne became the food editor at the New York Times, the food world was small and food writing essentially limited to home economics columns. Claiborne’s efforts combined food writing, journalism, and criticism to elevate the entire genre. Despite the industry’s rapid expansion in the ensuing half century, the nominees for the Craig Claiborne Distinguished Restaurant Review Award have left their mark through their thoughtfully considered takes on their local restaurant scenes. 


Karen Brooks
Portland Monthly

Karen Brooks, the current food critic for Portland Monthly, has covered the city’s food scene for three decades, tackling trends and tastes as the community of Portland has evolved. [Image above]

Bollywood Theater's Spicy Sequel in Southeast” 
Charting the Rise of Portland's Hottest UnRestaurants” 
How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Måurice

Philly Inquirer

Craig LaBan
The Philadelphia Inquirer

If Craig LaBan’s estimations are correct, he’s eaten 8,000 restaurant meals since joining the Philadelphia Inquirer in 1998. His statistically experienced palate and wry wit inform his reviews of Philadelphia’s eclectic dining scene.

Abe Fisher” 
Mole Poblano” 
Volvér Lays It on Thick” 


Ryan Sutton

Ryan Sutton came to Eater in 2014 as part of the site's inaugural team of restaurant critics, and hit the ground running, applying his data-heavy perspective to both the new and the storied restaurants of New York. 

Artisanal-Everything Roberta's Defies the Stereotypes” 
Once an Icon, Per Se is Showing its Age” 
Six Reasons Why Cosme is One of NYC's Most Relevant New Restaurants” 

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