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Meet the 2015 Podcast Broadcast Nominees

Maggie Borden

Maggie Borden

April 20, 2015


It seems like everyone and their mother has a podcast these days, but few of them achieve the quality of this year’s nominees for the James Beard Broadcast and Media award for podcasts. From a science writer exploring biodiversity and street food, to two JBF Award winners dishing over exotic cuisines, to the Southern Foodways Alliance digging into the nuances of their home region, these nominees prove that if you give food lovers a chance to speak, they have an awful lot of things to say.

Eat This Podcast
Host: Jeremy Cherfas
Producer: Jeremy Cherfas

Jeremy Cherfas, a Rome-based science writer, covers almost any food-related topic on his erudite and immersive Eat This Podcast. Shows run the gamut from the intricacies of Italian wine labeling to the history of hunger in wartime, ensuring a listening experience that is far from monotonous. [Image above]

The Feed Podcast
Hosts: Rick Bayless and Steve Dolinsky
Producers: Matt Cunningham and Steve Dolinsky

JBF Award–winning chef Rick Bayless and JBF Award–winning food journalist Steve Dolinsky team up in this Chicago-based podcast to cover the dining and food scene of their home town and abroad. Offering insights on trends, recipes, travel, and more, the duo provide the kind of exclusive content only available to industry vets.

Host: Tina Antolini
Producers: Tina Antolini and the Southern Foodways Alliance

Though its title may conjure images of traditional fare, Gravy’s mission is to showcase the changing identity of the American South. The show traverses the region from week to week, giving voice to the diverse group of men and women who grow, cook, and serve the ever-evolving plates of Southern tables.

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