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Meet the 2015 Television Program (on Location) Broadcast Award Nominees

Maggie Borden

Maggie Borden

April 21, 2015


Television allows viewers to travel across broad expanses, within cultural confines, or even inside of the mind of complete strangers. The nominees for the James Beard Award in Television Program, on Location use food as a medium to test the boundaries of human experience, from the cuisines of far-flung exotic locales to the ins and outs of a chef’s daily life, to normally unspoken motivations and influences that drive today’s top toques.


Bizarre Foods
Host: Andrew Zimmern
Producers: Colleen Needles Steward, Shannon Keenan Demers, Andrew Zimmern, David Barksy, Tammy Bloom, Patrick Weiland, and Tye Schulke
Airs on: Travel Channel

Is there anything JBF Award winner Andrew Zimmern won’t eat? For fourteen seasons his chronically curious palate has roamed the globe, introducing viewers to cultures both exotic and close to home through the foods that define them. [Image above]


A Chef's Life
Host: Vivian Howard
Producers: Cynthia Hill, Vivian Howard, Ben Knight, Selena Lauterer, Malinda Maynor Lowery, Margaret McNealy, Rex Miller, and Amy Shumaker
Airs on: PBS

So much of the common conception of restaurant life is based around major metropolises, but beyond the bright city lights, owning and running a restaurant still presents a daunting task. A Chef’s Life documents the everyday stumbling blocks and celebrations of lauded chef Vivian Howard, as she navigates career, family, and the potential of the future in her home town of Kinston, North Carolina.


The Mind of a Chef
Host: Anthony Bourdain
Producers: Jared Andrukanis, Anthony Bourdain, Joe Caterini, Chris Collins, Michael Steed, and Lydia Tenaglia
Airs on: PBS

The acclaimed series The Mind of a Chef deconstructs food from all angles, from the science of flavor to the secret behind unforgettable dishes, to the cultural and familial influences on some of the hottest chefs of the current dining scene. Season three follows Edward Lee and Magnus Nilsson, traversing continents, seasons, and traditions to delve deep into the details of living through food.

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