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Meet the 2015 Television Segment Broadcast Award Nominees

Maggie Borden

Maggie Borden

April 22, 2015


Food stories on the morning or evening news provide a crucial conduit between the culinary world and the larger broadcast audience. This year’s nominees for the James Beard Award in Television Segment serve as curators for the public, highlighting the latest openings, best local offerings, recipes, and national trends.


CBS This Morning’s “The Dish”
Host: Anthony Mason and Vinita Nair
Producers: Brian Applegate, Greg Mirman, and Marci Waldman
Airs on: CBS

CBS This Morning’s “The Dish” gets the inside scoop on the food world, featuring wide-ranging coverage of the movers and shakers of the culinary scene, from peeks behind the curtain of producers like Pat LaFrieda Meat Purveyors, to interviews with chefs and cookbook authors sharing tried and true tips and recipes.


The Hungry Hound
Host: Steve Dolinsky
Producer: Irit Nayden
Airs on: ABC 7 Chicago

JBF Award winner Steve Dolinsky has eaten his way through the Windy City, serving as a human guinea pig for the adventurous eaters of the Chicago area. From rating the town’s best Italian beef to outlining the proper way to celebrate the Thai New Year, Dolinsky has his finger on the pulse of the city’s food scene, in all its glorious diversity.

WCCO This Morning’s “DeRusha Eats”
Host: Jason DeRusha
Producer: Jason DeRusha
Airs on: WCCO

The food scene of the Midwest is expanding and evolving at an exciting pace, and fortunately for viewers, Jason DeRusha is there to cover the latest menu trends and restaurant developments. “DeRusha Eats” runs the gamut from haute cuisine to can’t-miss cheap bites, reviewing old standbys and commenting on the newest entrants to the culinary zeitgeist.

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