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Meet the 2015 Visual and Technical Excellence Broadcast Award Nominees

Maggie Borden

Maggie Borden

April 24, 2015


These days, anyone with a smartphone can call themselves a food photographer, but fortunately, the skilled eye of a professional can still easily stand out against the crowd. The nominees for this year’s James Beard Award in Visual and Technical Excellence reveal the nuance and subtlety of food imagery, going far beyond the basic concept of “food porn” to convey the intimate details and raw connections we form with what we grow, cook, and eat.


A Chef’s Life
Director: Cynthia Hill
Director of Photography: Rex Miller
Editor: Tom Vickers

So much of the common conception of restaurant life is based around major metropolises, but beyond the bright city lights, owning a running a restaurant still presents a daunting task. A Chef’s Life documents the everyday stumbling blocks and celebrations of lauded chef Vivian Howard, as she navigates career, family, and the potential of the future in her home town of Kinston, North Carolina. [Image above]

The Grill Iron
Cinematographer: Ryan Hase
Editor: Alex Emanuele
Producers: Jay Holzer, Gab Taraboulsy, and Clenét Verdi-Rose

There are few things more definitely American than tailgating before a football game. But as The Grill Iron explores, the pigskin patrons are eating far more than just burgers and dogs these days. Combining the passion of fan culture with the chefs, farmers, and purveyors that stoke the flames of each local town’s team pride, The Grill Iron digs deep into the what Americana means today.

Wall of Fire: A ChefSteps Story
Director: Sandy Smolan
Photographer and Editor: Reva Keller
Go between the layers of laminated dough, perfect your quick pan sauce, or dabble in molecular gastronomy with help from ChefSteps, a series of online videos that break down cooking to its basics. The collaborative effort of chefs, filmmakers, designers, scientists, and engineers draws viewers in through stunning visuals and engaging animations, at once mouthwatering and informative. 

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