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Meet the 2015 Wines, Spirits, and Other Beverages Journalism Award Nominees

Maggie Borden and Alyssa Haak

Maggie Borden and Alyssa Haak

April 15, 2015



From coffee to craft cocktails, the liquid in your cup can offer far more than mere refreshment. The nominees for the James Beard Journalism Award for Wine, Spirit, and Other Beverages present the stories behind the sips, quenching readers’ thirst for new imbibable insights.


Gabrielle Hamilton
Into the Vines

After sixteen years of championing and serving Sicilian wine at her New York City restaurant Prune, Gabrielle Hamilton finally visits the region, discovering deep connections with the men and women behind her much-beloved grapes. [Image included above]

Washington Post

M. Carrie Allan
The Washington Post
In New Orleans, Terrific Cocktails Never Went out of Fashion

The rest of the country may be having a cocktail renaissance, but M. Carrie Allan reveals that for New Orleans locals, the tippling tradition never died out.

Seattle Met

Allecia Vermillion
Seattle Met
OMFG it's the PSL!

Allecia Vermillion investigates our collective adoration and derision of the Pumpkin Spice Latte, tracing the origins of this perfectly engineered seasonal beverage.

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