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On the Menu: China's Famous Ducks



May 06, 2010


At Tuesday night’s Beard House dinner we were lucky to welcome a delegation of chefs and VIPs from the Beijing Tourism Administration. The highlight of the evening’s menu? Beijing’s famous Quanjude roast duck. After hanging in the Beard House kitchen for two days (the extended hanging allows the skin to thoroughly dry, ensuring that classic crispy skin), the ducks received a basting of a secret sweet sauce, then went into a 500-degree oven to roast until golden brown. After a tableside carving, the duck was served with all the traditional accoutrement, including pancakes, cucumbers, and that classic sweet sauce. Although the delicious Chinese delicacies certainly had everyone talking, what really got the room buzzing was the announcement of our upcoming JBF raffle. It’s a trip to—you guessed it—Beijing!