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How to Make Ina's Moroccan Grilled Lamb

Maggie Borden

June 06, 2017


Now that we’re in the full swing of grilling season, it can be all too easy to fall into a steady routine: hamburgers, hot dogs, veggie skewers, repeat. But as all-American as these dishes may have become, they actually come from grilling cultures outside the realm of the red, white, and blue. Those far-flung origins are a reminder of how easy it is to fire up your flame-kissed game with just a bit of global inspiration. Take this recipe for Moroccan lamb chops from JBF Award winner Ina Garten's latest cookbook, Cooking for Jeffrey, a 2017 James Beard Book Award nominee. Garten spices things up (literally) by employing a North African–influenced marinade. Simply soak the chops in a combination of yogurt, lemon, herbs, and spices and the rest is grilling 101: turn up the flame, salt the meat, cook, and serve. Get the recipe.

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Maggie Borden is associate editor at the James Beard Foundation. Find her on Instagram and Twitter.