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This Is Your New Favorite Mushroom Pizza

Halley Crane

July 12, 2017


Not your average mushroom pie, this inspired riff goes far beyond the classic with its medley of decadent cheeses and earthy maitake mushrooms. Top Chef competitor Dale Talde serves this pizza at his New York City restaurant Massoni, but with this recipe you can have it on your own dinner table in under an hour.

Chef Talde’s “inauthentic Italian” cuisine showcases traditional dishes inflected with international flavors and ingredients, such as this pie, which includes a fungus native to Japan. More commonly known as hen of the woods mushrooms in the U.S. (due to their resemblance to chicken feathers), maitakes have an intense umami flavor, which makes this dish a satisfying choice for vegetarians and meat-eaters alike.

Wanna dig in? Whip up the recipe at home, or sample it (and others!) straight from Talde's oven when he hosts our upcoming JBF Greens pizza party on August 8.

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Halley Crane is the media department intern at the James Beard Foundation, follow her on Instagram.