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Partnerships: Get Healthy with the Natural Gourmet Institute

JBF Editors

JBF Editors

November 17, 2014


Bites at the Natural Gourmet Institute

Bites served at the JBF Food Conference welcome reception, hosted by the Natural Gourmet Institute

From misleading food labels and to an opaque supply chain, it's more clear than ever that the surest way to a wholesome diet is to cook your meals from scratch with healthy ingredients. Thanks to the Natural Gourmet Institute, which just relaunched its website with a fresh new look, casual cooks and professionals alike can get the skills and training they need cultivate a healthy, holistic approach to food.

Natural Gourmet Institute’s Chef’s Training Program is a comprehensive and professional program that trains students to meet the growing demand for culinary professionals who integrate health, flavor, and sustainability. Home cooks can attend NGI's variety of hands-on or demonstration classes; upcoming sessions include "Vegan Umami," "How to Season like a Chef," and the ever-useful knife skills. On Friday nights, the school is transformed into an intimate dining room and hosts its family-style Friday Night Dinner, prepared by Chef’s Training Program students and instructors. (NGI also recently hosted JBF's welcome reception for its fifth annual JBF Food Conference, themed "Health & Food: Is Better Food the Prescription for a Healthier America?")

See the new Natural Gourmet Institute website and learn more about its offerings that promote a healthy and delicious lifestyle.