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Peach Recipes



August 01, 2011


peaces In case your next farmers’ market haul leaves you with more of these fuzz-cloaked fruits than you can manage to eat out of hand, we’ve got a few recipes that make the most of their intense and juicy sweetness. Peach Galette This pretty, rustic tart from JBF vice president Mitchell Davis brims with layers of syrupy peaches and blanched almonds, all tucked within a no-fuss, free-form shell. Peaches and Cream In this reconsidered classic, JBF Award winner Thomas Keller macerates peaches in lemon juice and balsamic vinegar, then dollops them with whipped mascarpone cream for a taste of summer unlike one you’ve ever had. Peach Shortcake with Sherried Whipped Cream James Beard enjoyed a reputation as New York’s resident dinner-party expert; this recipe from Menus for Entertaining proves why. Your guests will never suspect that it comes together in a snap. Starker’s Peach–Bourbon Milkshake This simple shake promises less work in the kitchen and more time to savor its lusciously smooth flavors. We can’t think of a better way to cap off a summer evening with friends.