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This Sustainable Fish Will Steal the Spotlight

Maggie Borden

September 07, 2016


There are plenty of fish in the sea, yet most menus make it seem like there are only a handful of species worth serving. Fortunately, chefs are increasingly turning towards lesser-known swimmers that make up for their anonymity with flavor and versatility. Take wreckfish, which is quickly seared and then braised to perfection in this recipe from JBF Chefs Boot Camp alum and Beard Award nominee Craig Deihl. Deihl will offer up a taste of the unsung fish to Beard House diners when he cooks alongside a crew of Charleston chefs later this month, but if you’re eager to reel in a new catch at home, give his wreckfish with eggplant, baby squash, and tomatoes a whirl. We promise you’ll like what’s at the end of this hook. Get the recipe.

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Maggie Borden is associate editor at the James Beard Foundation. Find her on Instagram and Twitter.