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Q & A: David Wondrich



August 04, 2009


David Wondrich 2008 JBF Award winner and Imbibe! author David Wondrich will be mixing up cocktails at our exclusive Jack Daniel’s birthday party at the Beard House on September 9 (want a taste of his genius? Enter our Twitter recipe contest!). But where does this master mixologist go when he wants someone else to make him a drink? JBF: Where do you like to go for a great cocktail? DW: A few current favorites: Clover Club, Pegu Club, and PDT in New York, Beretta and Alembic in San Francisco, the Teardrop Lounge in Portland, Green Street in Boston, and the Edison in Los Angeles. But there are many more places, almost all of them new. It’s an exciting time for the discriminating barfly. Click here to read more of our Q & A with David Wondrich.