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Q & A: Marc Vetri



May 29, 2009


Marc Vetri

JBF Award Winner Marc Vetri, who joined us at the Beard House last night to celebrate the 10th anniversary of his eponymous restaurant, answers our questions about lessons learned in the kitchen, artisanal products, and his least favorite food (it may surprise you).

James Beard Foundation: What would you eat for your last meal on earth? Marc Vetri: Pork, pork, and then maybe some pork. JBF: What’s your least favorite food? MV: Garlic. JBF: What’s your earliest food memory? MV: Sunday dinners at my grandmother’s. JBF: What life lessons have you learned in the kitchen? MV: Integrity, passion, diligence, comraderie, balance, self-respect, and humility. JBF: Why do you support local, artisanal producers? MV: They keep traditions strong, respect nature and the earth, and don’t succumb to the notion of “bigger is better.” JBF: What artisanal product do you wish existed but doesn’t yet (or is difficult to find)? MV: Farmed truffles would be interesting; also an artisan pasta maker in America.

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