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Recipe: Juanita Dean’s Southern Fried Chicken



May 20, 2009


Fried Chicken
It may only be Wednesday, but we're already thinking about what to pack for our Memorial Day picnic. Sure burgers and dogs are great, but nothing is quite the same as a great piece of crispy fried chicken. Perfect hot or cold, this Southern fried chicken is a guaranteed crowd pleaser—no buns or condiments required. This version of the classic comes to us from JBF Associate member Dr. Nathan Goldstein. While growing up in Birmingham, Alabama, Juanita Dean’s fried chicken was one of his family’s favorite snacks. Dean learned the “recipe” from her mother, who probably learned it from her mother. Recipe is in quotation marks because, of course, nothing was ever measured. What we present to you here has been measured, tested, and approved by Dr. Goldstein as being almost as good as the original.