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Recipe: Mâche Salad with Pork Belly Lardons, Crispy Capers, Pine Nuts, and Plum Agrodolce Dressing

Jane Brendlinger

Jane Brendlinger

November 11, 2013


Mâche Salad

In the American salad bowl, mâche, known also as lamb's lettuce, is often left out of the mix. A variety of longstanding popularity in France, it has a tender, velvety texture and sweet, nutty flavor. Mâche lends itself easily to the autumn salad, without coercing or massaging. Why have we skipped over this green gem?

To give these sweet greens their due, we’ve added chef Rosalia Barron’s mâche salad to our fall repertoire. Barron tosses the starter, which also features crispy pork belly, in a wine-infused agrodolce dressing, a traditional Italian reduction of vinegar and sugar that translates to “sweet-and-sour” in English. Finished with toasted pine nuts and fresh plum slices, mâche receives a hearty welcome at our fall table. 

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