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4 Ways to Win the Holiday Weekend

JBF Editors

June 28, 2017


Flame-loving carnivores: this is your moment. Your time to shine. Your holiday. Don't waste it on some chicken breasts covered in jarred barbecue sauce. If you really want to honor your country (and win summer), you'll celebrate the way you should: with copious amounts of fire-seared meat, a couple of traditional sides, and a peach milkshake spiked with bourbon. (Red, white, and blue deviled eggs and berry flag mosaics are strictly optional.)

Scott County Missouri–Style Dry Ribs
These ribs are basted with ham hock stock. Need we say more?

Alexandre Dumas Potato Salad
James Beard's favorite potato salad is tossed with white wine (that's right), olive oil, and plenty of herbs.   

Michael White's Cabbage Slaw
Michael White's creamy, tangy slaw is brightened with a hint of tart apple and a shake of red pepper flakes.

Starker's Peach-Bourbon Milkshake
Do it for your country.

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