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A Simple Korean Supper

JBF Editors

JBF Editors

February 29, 2012


Korean-Style Clams

Korean food has been a player on the national food scene ever since David Chang started serving kimchi rice cakes to hungry hordes at Momofuku Ssäm Bar, but with today's New York Times review of upscale Korean restaurant Jungsik, it has officially arrived. Mark the occasion with this meal, which comes together relatively quickly with a little bit of planning. Pair it with a bottle of good Korean beer and serve fresh fruit for dessert. Korean-Style Clams Chef Joe Isidori usually serves this vibrant and spicy dish with Prince Edward Island mussels, but for his Beard House dinner, he swapped in littleneck clams. Kirby Kimchi Though this recipe may require a trip to the Asian grocery store for a few special items, it's very easy to make. Start the kimchi two or three days ahead of time and let it hang out in the fridge. Jajangmyun (Noodles with Black Bean Sauce) This comforting noodle recipe originated in China but was brought to Korea about 100 years ago, where it has since become a de facto national dish.