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Staff Picks: Elizabethan Pantry Apple Curd with Cinnamon

JBF Editors

JBF Editors

February 25, 2015


Searching for the best small-batch, artisanal products to add to your pantry? Our staff scoured the market for you, and we'll be featuring their picks all month long. Today we spotlight Elizabethan Pantry's Apple Curd with Cinnamon, which has found a fan in JBF assistant editor Maggie Borden

“The Truffle Cafe at Pike Place Market offers a wide variety of oils, jams, mustards, and more, but my favorite product is the Apple Curd with Cinnamon, made by Elizabethan Pantry. The company exclusively puts out products popular during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, but I’m hoping this curd makes a cultural comeback. It’s perfect on toast and scones, it’s rich and spreadable with a crisp apple flavor, and it adds a little historical flair to your everyday breakfast. It would also be delicious mixed in with fresh fruit for a crisp or pie!”

Elizabethan Pantry's products can be purchased at or on Amazon.