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How to Eat on the Road Like an All-Star Chef

JBF Editors

September 05, 2017


Forget visiting historical landmarks and discovering local quirks—we all know the best part of a road trip is the snacks. We asked our Taste America All-Stars and their Local Stars compatriots to share their favorite eats when traveling.


All-Star and JBF Award Winner Hugh Acheson, Taste America: San Francisco
Ramen, tacos, bagels, and a burger every once in a while.


All-Star and JBF Award Winner Daniel Boulud, Taste America: Boston
I like salads and sandwiches, but I have them prepared ahead by my team at Epicerie Boulud.


Local Star and JBF Award Winner Debbie Gold, Taste America: Kansas City
Depends on where. At the Chicago airport I look for a good hot dog. When I’m in cities known for good Jewish deli, I'll look for a deli. Otherwise, something light, like sushi if the fish looks fresh.


Local Star and JBF Award Winner Stephanie Izard, Taste America: Chicago
I try to be semi-healthy and grab a yogurt, but then I see the Cheez-Its and I can't help myself.


Local Star and JBF Award Winner Nicole Krasinski, Taste America: San Francisco
We always bring bagels from 20th Century Cafe and a delicious chocolate bar.


All-Star and JBF Award Winner Barbara Lynch, Taste America: Los Angeles
Cheez-Its are my quick snack of choice. I always keep them in the car and usually travel with them, too.


All-Star and JBF Award Winner Tony Mantuano, Taste America: Kansas City
I never eat on an airplane. Ever. When out on the road, I rely on our network of chefs for recommendations and seek out local favorites and hidden gems.


All-Star and JBF Award Winner Traci Des Jardins, Taste America: Phoenix
I don't like eating in airports, so generally I will bring salumi, cheese, and cucumbers with me when flying. When eating local in the Western states I generally try to find Mexican.


Local Star and JBF Award Winner Tyson Cole, Taste America: Austin
I stay pretty healthy and try to eat a lot of salads and sandwiches (I love good bread). I also love good tacos, a great rice bowl, or Vietnamese food. I eat dark chocolate three times a day. But to be honest, butter plays a leading role too…

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