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Throwback Thursday: End-of-Summer Peach Recipes

Hilary Deutsch

Hilary Deutsch

September 10, 2015


With summer's official end just a few weeks away (the equinox is September 23 this year), we're scrambling to hold tight to the gorgeous weather and easy-breezy, laid-back dishes that the warmer months bring. And that means hoarding the summer's best produce—funky looking heirloom tomatoes, sweet corn, ripe berries bursting with flavor, and, of course, juicy peaches just dripping with the scent of pure summer. So on this #TBT, as we already feel the pangs of nostalgia during these last few warm days, we'd also like to remember something our namesake made sure to eternalize: "Few things in the food world equal the flavor of a ripe peach" (Beard on Bread, p.347). We couldn't agree with Mr. Beard more. 

When your hoarding becomes something of a problem, or if you're looking for inventive ways to highlight and showcase one of the season's best gifts, look no further than our JBF peach recipe collection. We have some back-pocket recipes to help get you through your glut, including an elegantly simple basil–peach sorbet (try it with floral white peaches), a rustic peach tarte tatin, and a Southern-inspired soup that's crowned with grilled peaches. Take a crack at a few of these dishes, but as James Beard insists, there's no shame in indulging in the simple joy of eating a perfectly ripe peach whole.