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Throwback Thursday: Foie Gras for French Independence Day

Emily Abrams

Emily Abrams

July 09, 2015


Photo by Eileen Miller

This Throwback Thursday, feast your eyes on this photo taken by Eileen Miller at the Beard House during last year’s Bastille Day Elegance dinner. In the spirit of the French national holiday, ambitious Detroit chef David Gilbert prepared foie gras with boudin blanc, black truffle–potato purée, onion marmalade, and caramelized anjou pear. Bastille Day, or La Fête Nationale, falls on July 14, and commemorates the turning point of the French Revolution, and the subsequent French independence from the monarchy. This year we're marking the holiday with a Gallic feast from chef Frédéric Robert of Brooklyn's L’Antagoniste. Among the decadent courses will be a classic French delicacy with a fruity twist: foie gras mousse with passion fruit–apple crunch. If there’s one thing the French know how to do, it’s eat like royalty. In the words of Marie Antoinette, “let’s eat cake.”