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Twitter Cook-off: Meet our Judges



August 10, 2009


gavel_427x318 The recipes have been pouring in, but who will be tasting these masterpieces? Our panel of esteemed judges hails from all areas of the food world—we’ve got a chef, a food stylist and cookbook author, and a few dedicated foodies too. Each has a keen eye for detail and a highly developed palate. First up is current Top Chef Masters contestant Anita Lo. One of our favorite NYC chefs, Anita’s restaurant Annisa has been at the top of critics’ lists for nearly a decade and her contemporary, elegant, and adventurous dishes always leave us wanting more. Next we have the dynamic husband-and-wife team of Chris and Jennifer McBride, founders and editors of the video restaurant guide They’ve sampled the cuisine of tops chefs around the country, so they know a thing or two about what great food tastes like. Finally we have Mindy Fox, a talented food stylist and cookbook author who recognizes a good recipe when she sees one. Currently the food editor of the magazine La Cucina Italiana and formerly an editor at Saveur, she has written for many magazines and collaborated on a number of cookbooks, including Olives & Oranges with Sara Jenkins and the forthcoming The Craft of Baking with Karen DeMasco. Our four judges, along with JBF vice president and bona fide tasting expert Mitchell Davis, will sample, critique, and rate your dishes on a scale of 1 to 5. The dish with the highest rating will be declared our winner. And don’t forget, the dish’s creator will join us for the uber exclusive Jack Daniel’s Birthday bash at the Beard House on September 9th. There’s still plenty of time left to get us your recipes! Tweet now or forever hold your peace.