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Watch Live: The 2014 JBF Food Conference

JBF Editors

JBF Editors

October 27, 2014


The 2014 JBF Food Conference

Our fifth annual JBF Food Conference starts today! This year's theme is "Health & Food: Is Better Food the Prescription for a Healthier America?" Starting at 9:00 A.M. EST, we'll be streaming all of our speakers and panelists live all day, so please join us and watch at We've got Laurie David, Mark Bittman, Michael Pollan, and many more compelling thinkers and leaders in our two-day lineup. 

You can find more information and see the full agenda here. An archive of all talks and panels will live here. Join the conversation by commenting here or tweeting using the hashtag #jbfconf2014

We'd like to thank all of our JBF Food Conference partners and supporters, including the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute and Tabasco® Brand Pepper Sauce.