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Rebecca Mayotte

Rebecca Mayotte

December 04, 2015


Prince Charles fought to protect French cheese and wine from a mass-produced, genetically-engineered future during this week’s climate conference. [MUNCHIES

The National Restaurant Association and New York City butt heads once again, this time over new sodium warnings on menus. [Eater]

Defying statistics: Vanessa Hanel’s story and how she’s paving the way for the next generation of female urban farmers. [Modern Farmer]

E. coli can’t stop: outbreaks first Chipotle, and now Starbucks. [FWF]

Use your food scraps in new ways with these inspirational dishes from across the world. [Feet in 2 Worlds]

Big food companies are demanding more government action on climate change. [NPR]

Give Bubbe’s latkes a makeover using mashed potatoes and shallots this Hanukkah. [NYT]

IHOP and Applebees remove sodas from children’s menus, inspiring other restaurant chains to hop on the bandwagon. [Grub Street]