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Hilary Deutsch

Hilary Deutsch

January 08, 2016


Put an egg on it: the complete guide to poaching, scrambling, and boiling your way to egg heaven. [NY Times]

One giant underwater leap for mankind: a Hawaiian distillery is using deep ocean water to craft premium vodka. [MUNCHIES]

Want some charcoal with your acai bowl and kale juice? How this surprising ingredient is quickly becoming the next superfood. [Grub Street]

The Steel City is making a name for itself as the ultimate mecca for beer lovers and spirit aficionados alike. [Saveur]

Get your CSA on: the Farm Bill will finally allow you to use SNAP benefits towards a CSA share. [Modern Farmer]

Combine the earliest form of photography with some of the earliest heirloom varieties of vegetables and what do you get? Jerry Spagnoli's book of vegetable family portraits, Heirloom Harvest. [NPR

Turn your kitchen into a professional bakery with these genius cake decorating tips. [Huffington Post]