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Priyanka Anand

Priyanka Anand

February 12, 2016


Spoil your loved one this Valentine’s Day with this easy Chocolate–Cherry Mousse. [NYT]

The slurp of love: a Tokyo ramen chain has introduced chocolate ramen for this Valentine’s Day. [Grubstreet]

America’s Test Kitchen shares the secret to buying the best Parmesan. [America’s Test Kitchen]

Major grocers and corporations begin the transition to cage-free eggs: here’s what you need to know. [Yahoo! Food]

Japan’s Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries has introduced a new program that distinguishes authentic Japanese restaurants from non-traditional ones. [NPR]

France takes one step closer to eliminating food waste by passing a law that requires supermarkets to donate unsold food to charity. [MUNCHIES]

In addition to ceviche and poké, here are some other ways to eat raw fish around the globe. [Modern Farmer]