James Corwell

Chef James Corwell has begun the next chapter of his culinary career as the founder of Tomato Sushi LLC., bringing his international culinary experience to the table. With over 30 years of diversified experience and training, Corwell is no stranger to food innovation within  the  restaurant  industry  and  has  experience  with  culinary  instruction,  corporate brand development, and assimilation of emerging culinary trends.

Corwell is one of 68 certified master chefs. Corwell was awarded Best New Chef 2010 and Best New Restaurant 2010 by New Orleans Magazine where he spent two years as the operator and owner of Le Foret in New Orleans. Corwell also spent four years at the Culinary  Institute  of  America  at  Greystone,  one  of  Napa  Valley’s  premier  destination points, as lead instructor and executive chef at Wine Spectator Greystone Restaurant. There, he garnered accolades from the 2006 Aspen Food and Wine Festival. In 2004, Corwell became an ACF Certified Master Chef—the highest certification of merit.

Prior  to  this,  he  spent  three  years  as  owner  and  executive chef  at  Café  Sonoma, Manfreddie Pizza, and the Food Company in Wilmington, North Carolina. Corwell began his career in 1988 at the Cherokee Town and Country Club in Atlanta where he spent nine years as executive sous chef.  

Corwell  has  scored  numerous  achievements  in  the  culinary  sector  including  National Finalist in the Bocuse D’Or and Chaine Des Rotisseurs National Winner in 1992.

Corwell is also the chef in residence for New Harvest, a non-profit promoting innovative technologies  that  address  global food  insecurity,  and  the  growing environmental andethical concerns associated with industrial livestock production.