2013 Agenda

The Paradox of Appetite: Hungering for Change
October 21-22, 2013

Convene Conference Center, NYC

This agenda is confirmed as of July 9th, 2013 and is subject to change. Speaker, panelist, and presenter affiliations listed below.

Day 1
Monday, October 21
8:30 am to 4:30 pm

                    Getting Hungry: Thinking About Appetite
                           Joseph McIntyre (facilitator)
                    Keynote: The Culture of Appetite
                           Claude Fischler
                    Presentation: What Is Hunger?
                           Jan Poppendieck
                    Video: A Place at the Table
                    Panel: Hunger in Our Backyard
                           Mariana Chilton
                           Nikki Johnson-Huston
                           Rep. Jim McGovern
                           Jonathan Halperin (moderator)
10:45 am    BREAK
11:15 am    Table Discussion
                     Panel: Global Appetites, Global Hunger
                           Gawain Kripke
                           Danielle Nierenberg
                           Fred Kaufman (moderator)
12:45 pm    LUNCH
1:45 pm       Presentation: The Hardscape of Appetite
                           Carolyn Steel
                     Panel: Building America’s Urban Appetite
                            Krishnendu Ray
                            Karen Washington
                            Lonni Tanner
                            Carolyn Steel (moderator)
                     Table Reflections
3:05 pm      BREAK
                     SurveyGood Housekeeping Asks, What Feeds America’s Appetite?
                            Miriam Arond
                    Presentation: The Biology of Appetite
                            Stephen Goff
                    Conversation: Cultural Cravings
                            Adam Gopnik
                            Robert Valgenti
                            Mitchell Davis (moderator)
4:30 pm     ADJOURN


Leadership Awards Ceremony and Dinner
Hearst Tower, Executive Conference Center
6:30 pm

Day 2
Tuesday, October 22
9 am to 5 pm

9:00 am      RECEPTION
9:30 am      Keynote: The Consequences of Appetite
                            Raj Patel                                                                          
                    Conversation: Changing Courses: Satisfying our Appetites for
                    Quick, Convenient and Cheap(er)
                            Jeff Dunn
                    Panel: Nourishing a Healthy Appetite: Obstacles and Solutions to
                    Achieving Balance between Eating for Pleasure and Health

                           Michael Moss
                           Stephen Sidwell
                           Dr. Susan Roberts
                           Samantha Cassetty (moderator)
                     Table Reflection
11:10 am     BREAK
11:40 am     Recap: Leadership Awards Ceremony
                           Art Smith
                     ConversationRebuilding the American Table: Bridging the Good 
                     Food, Fair Food, and Hunger Movements
                            Phil Jones
                            Jane Black (moderator)
                     Table Discussion
1:00 pm      LUNCH
2:00 pm      Video: FEEST
                     Panel: An Appetite for Leadership: Leadership Award Winners Share 
                     Their Hopes for Change
                            Joseph McIntyre (moderator)
                     World Café: Appetite for Change (Part 1)
4:00 pm      BREAK
4:30 pm      World Café: Appetite for Change (Part 2)
5:00 pm      ADJOURN


Speakers and Affiliations

Miriam Arond, Director, The Good Housekeeping Research Institute
Jane Black, Journalist
Samantha Cassetty, Nutrition Director, The Good Housekeeping Research Institute
Mariana Chilton, Director, The Center for Hunger-Free Communities
Mitchell Davis, Executive Vice President, The James Beard Foundation
Jeff Dunn, President and CEO, Bolthouse Farms
Claude Fischler, Sociologist and Author, "Food, Self and Identity"
Stephen Goff, Principal Investigator and Project Director, iPlant Collaborative
Adam Gopnik, Staff Writer, The New Yorker, and Author, The Table Comes First
Jonathan Halperin, Founder, Designing Sustainability
Nikki Johnson-Huston, Esq., Attorney and Activist
Phil Jones, Chef and Activist
Sam Kass, Executive Director of Let’s Move! and Senior Policy Advisor for Nutrition Policy
Fred Kaufman, Contributing Editor, Harper’s, and Author, Bet the Farm
Gawain Kripke, Director of Policy and Research, Oxfam America
Rep. Jim McGovern, Congressman, Representing the 2nd District of Massachusetts
Joseph McIntyre, Founder and President, Ag Innovations Network
Michael Moss, Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter, The New York Times, and Author, Salt Sugar Fat
Danielle Nierenberg, Co-founder, Food Tank
Raj Patel, Activist and Author, Stuffed and Starved
Jan Poppendieck, Sociologist and Author, Free for All: Fixing School Food in America
Krishnendu Ray, Chair, Department of Nutrition, Food Studies and Public Health, NYU
Susan Roberts, Professor of Nutrition and Author, The Instinct Diet
Stephen Sidwell, Co-founder, LYFE Kitchen, President and CEO, LYFE Kitchen Grocery
Art Smith, Chef and Founder, Common Threads
Carolyn Steel, Architect and Author, Hungry City: How Food Shapes Our Lives
Lonni Tanner, Chief Change Officer, New York Department of Design and Construction
Robert Valgenti, Professor of Philosophy
Karen Washington, Co-founder, Black Urban Growers (BUGS)

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