2014 Food Conference Partners

Our Food Conference and Leadership Awards represent exciting and empowering development in the future of our country’s food system. We are looking for partners that share similar vision and values to support our annual conference, where actionable conversations about our food system happen and where we can help to affect positive change.

We would be delighted to have the your support as we continue to develop and expand on these exciting new programs. For more information regarding partnership on these initiatives, please click here.


EDENS is focused on enriching communities through its innovative retail centers. By thinking differently about a basic need – food – the company combines contemporary chefs and restaurants with avant–garde shopping and beautiful, sustainable design. EDENS has a portfolio of 111 retail centers with Regional Headquarters in Boston, New York, Washington DC, Atlanta, Miami and Columbia, SC. For more about the company, visit edens.com


Grace Communications Foundation

GRACE Communications Foundation
GRACE Communications Foundation partners with the James Beard Foundation to highlight sustainable food leaders. Our future depends on more balanced and sustainable food, water, and energy systems and GRACE highlights the interconnections among these systems, educating consumers, advocates, and policy makers through such innovative web-based initiatives as Sustainable Table, Eat Well Guide, The Meatrix, Network for New Energy Choices, H2O Conserve, and the Ecocentric blog. We also collaborate with the Monday Campaigns (Meatless Monday, Healthy Monday, and Kids Cook Monday), which, in association with leading schools of public health, advocate for healthier choices through a weekly Mondays prompt to start and sustain healthy behaviors. Learn more at gracelinks.org.


The Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute
The Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute is a marketing organization with the mission of increasing the economic value of the Alaska seafood resource by conducting retail and foodservice marketing campaigns and partnerships, consumer campaigns, public relations, and advertising activities. For more than 50 years, Alaska has been dedicated to sustainable seafood. It’s so essential to our way of life that Alaska’s state constitution mandates that fish are “utilized, developed, and maintained on the sustained yield principle.” The seafood industry is Alaska’s largest private sector employer, and as a result, Alaskans understand the need to protect the fisheries and surrounding habitats for future generations. The Alaska seafood industry accounts for over half of all U.S. fisheries production and is a key economic driver in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest. Alaska seafood accounts for an estimated 56 percent of all seafood caught in U.S. waters. Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute actively promotes the Alaska Seafood brand in 21 countries around the world. We’re proud of our leadership in sustainable management, which has led to an ever-replenishing supply of wild seafood for markets around the world. For more information, please visit wildalaskaseafood.com.​

Bon Appétit Management Company
Bon Appétit Management Company is an on-site restaurant company offering full food-service management to corporations, universities, and specialty venues. Based in Palo Alto, CA, Bon Appétit has more than 500 cafés in 32 states, including at Twitter, Oracle, eBay, Duke University, Stanford’s Graduate School of Business, and the Getty Center. All Bon Appétit food is cooked from scratch, including sauces, stocks, and soups. A pioneer in environmentally sound sourcing policies, Bon Appétit is the first food service company to address local purchasing, the overuse of antibiotics, sustainable seafood, the food and climate change connection, humanely raised meat and eggs, and farmworker welfare. It has received numerous awards for its work, from organizations including the James Beard Foundation, Chefs Collaborative, Natural Resources Defense Council, Seafood Choices Alliance, and The Humane Society of the United States. Learn more at bamco.com or watch our 5-minute video.

Karp Resources
Founded in 1990, Karp Resources is a food business consultancy that brokers relationships and develops strategic solutions to food and organizational problems. We support the healthy development, execution, and operations of food businesses and initiatives in the public and private sectors, and build cross sector programs among unlikely partners—food manufacturers and farmers, community-based groups and corporations, developers and food educators. Karp Resources’ clients include corporations, government agencies, small businesses, non-profits, and educational organizations in the United States and United Kingdom. Learn more at KarpResources.com.

For more than 145 years, the McIlhenny family has produced Tabasco® Original Red Sauce on Avery Island in South Louisiana. Since the brand's beginnings, the ingredients and production process have remained virtually unchanged. Tabasco peppers are mashed and mixed with a small amount of Avery Island salt and then aged in white oak barrels for up to three years, creating the sauce’s signature full-bodied flavor. After aging, the mash is then strained and blended with high-quality white vinegar before bottling. Tabasco® Sauce is beloved by both chefs and home cooks alike for its ability to enhance the flavor of a number of dishes, from soups and stews to meats and sauces to cocktails and even desserts. In addition to the classic Original Red Sauce, the Tabasco® family of flavors includes Green Jalapeño Pepper Sauce, Chipotle Pepper Sauce, Sweet & Spicy Pepper Sauce, Habanero Sauce, Garlic Pepper Sauce, and Buffalo-Style Hot Sauce. For more information, visit tabasco.com.


Good Housekeeping

Founded in 1885, Good Housekeeping magazine reaches 24 million readers each month—one out of every five women in America. The Good Housekeeping Research Institute (GHRI), which is home to the Good Housekeeping Seal and the Green Good Housekeeping Seal, was founded in 1900 and is dedicated to improving the lives of women and their families through education and consumer product assessment. Good Housekeeping’s commitment to improving how American families eat started when it championed the passage of the Pure Food and Drug Act in 1906. That commitment continues today throughout all of the magazine’s food and nutrition editorial and it’s signature healthy eating programs. In addition to its U.S. flagship, Good Housekeeping publishes 9 editions around the world. Good Housekeeping is published by Hearst Magazines, a unit of Hearst Corporation

Natural Gourmet Institute
Founded in 1977 by Annemarie Colbin, Ph.D., Natural Gourmet Institute (NGI) is the leader in health-supportive culinary education. Natural Gourmet Institute’s Chef’s Training Program is a comprehensive and professional program that trains students to meet the growing demand for culinary professionals who are able to make the connection between food and health. Natural Gourmet Institute also offers public intensives, hands-on instruction, demonstrations and lectures for the healthy cooking enthusiast. On Friday night, the school is transformed into an intimate dining room, where NGI’s Chef’s Training Program students and instructors prepare a three course vegetarian Friday Night Dinner that is innovative, delicious and beautifully presented.

Salt for LIfe

Salt for Life® is the revolutionary new salt from NuTek Food Science, a company that develops technology-driven solutions for great-tasting, healthier foods. Through a proprietary recipe that blends potassium salt from Canada and sea salt from Brazil, Salt for Life delivers an unprecedented 75 percent reduction in sodium, replacing it with potassium, a necessary and under-consumed nutrient. Salt for Life is Nature’s Alternative Salt, and is great for both topical and in-recipe use, providing the salt taste you love with improved nutrition.

W.K. Kellogg Foundation
The W.K. Kellogg Foundation (WKKF), founded in 1930 as an independent, private foundation by breakfast cereal pioneer, Will Keith Kellogg, is among the largest philanthropic foundations in the United States. Guided by the belief that all children should have an equal opportunity to thrive, WKKF works with communities to create conditions for vulnerable children so they can realize their full potential in school, work and life. The Kellogg Foundation is based in Battle Creek, Michigan, and works throughout the United States and internationally, as well as with sovereign tribes. Special emphasis is paid to priority places where there are high concentrations of poverty and where children face significant barriers to success. WKKF priority places in the U.S. are in Michigan, Mississippi, New Mexico and New Orleans; and internationally, are in Mexico and Haiti. For more information, visit wkkf.org.

Additional support provided by:
Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch