Eat-Q Test: Food and Film (answers)

1. Pixar asked several chefs to voice various characters in Ratatouille. Which chef did not voice a character in the film?

A. Thomas Keller
B. Guy Savoy
C. Heston Blumenthal
D. Ferran Adrià

Answer: C

2. What was the name of the fictional restaurant run by the brothers in Big Night?

A. Escape
B. Bliss
C. Delight
D. Paradise

Answer: D

3. What food substance was used to simulate blood in the famous shower scene in Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho?

A. Soy sauce
B. Hershey's chocolate syrup
C. Ketchup
D. Red food coloring

Answer: B.

4. In the cooking school scene in Sabrina, the instructor likens a guillotine to:

A. Cracking an egg
B. Dicing onions
C. Julienning carrots
D. Chopping beef for tartare

Answer: A

5. The famously long tracking shot in GoodFellas traveled through the kitchen of which New York City nightclub?

A. The Stork Club
B. The 21 Club
C. The Rainbow Room
D. The Copacabana

Answer: D

6. In Moonstruck, how does Nicolas Cage's character, Ronny, like his steak?

A. Rare
B. Medium rare
C. Medium
D. Well done

Answer: D

7. Which food does Julie leave in the Smithsonian's recreation of Julia Child's kitchen in Julie & Julia?

A. Eggs
B. A slice of chocolate cake
C. Butter
D. A cream puff

Answer: C

8. Julia Roberts played a food critic in My Best Friend's Wedding. Which JBF Award winner had a cameo in the film?

A. Alfred Portale
B. Charlie Trotter
C. Wolfgang Puck
D. Jeremiah Tower

Answer: B

9. In The Apartment, Jack Lemmon's character uses this to strain spaghetti:

A. A tennis racket
B. A coffee filter
C. A washboard
D. A wicker basket

Answer: A

10. The Nathan's Famous hot dog stand is seen in a flashback in which Woody Allen movie?

A. Manhattan
B. Annie Hall
C. Sleeper
D. Love and Death

Answer: B

Your Eat-Q score:

9 correct: Four stars

6–8: Three stars

3–5: Two stars

2 or fewer: One star