Eat-Q Test: Urban Agriculture

Test your agricultural knowledge with this Eat-Q from the August/September 2011 issue of JBF Notes. Once you think you've got them solved, click through for the answers.

These terms crop up frequently when talking about urban farming. Can you match each word to its meaning?

1.  Planter
2.  Compost
3.  Hydroponic
4.  Potting Soil
5.  Community garden
6.  Locavore
7.  Seedlings
8.  Greenhouse
9.  Apiary
10. Irrigation

A)  Decomposed scraps that are very high in nutrients and can help fertilize soil in an urban garden.
B)  A structure where plants are grown that traps heat indoors even during cold weather.
C)  A person who values eating foods that come from within a certain radius of his or her location.
D)  A place where beehives of honey bees are kept, also known as a bee yard.
E)  A method of growing plants without soil, using mineral nutrient solutions instead.
F)  A mixture of peat moss and compost used for growing plants in contained spaces.
G)  A young plant, often miniature in size, that can be planted directly into soil beds.
H)  The process of watering crops artificially, to help them grow and stay protected against the elements.
I)  A container that holds plants while they grow, which can be made from anything from a box to a barrel. 
J)  One piece of land owned and maintained by a group of people, often in an urban setting where space is limited.

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