Eat-Q Test: State Fare (answers)

1.    Georgia
2.    Rhode Island
3.    Kentucky
4.    Pennsylvania
5.    Wisconsin
6.    Nebraska
7.    Utah
8.    South Dakota
9.    Virginia
10.   Hawaii

A.    Cheese curds, springy bits of fresh cheese, often cheddar
B.    Burgoo, a spicy brown meat and vegetable stew
C.    Kool-Aid, a powdered soft-drink mix
D.    Pastrami Burgers, a cheeseburger topped with a quarter pound of sliced pastrami and Thousand Island dressing
E.    Coffee Milk, a drink similar to chocolate milk but with coffee syrup instead of chocolate syrup
F.    Kuchen, a German-style coffeecake
G.    Shoofly Pie, an Amish-style molasses pie
H.    Loco Moco, a bowl of white rice topped with a hamburger patty, fried egg and gravy
I.    Grits, coarsely ground corn cooked into a porridge
J.    Brunswick Stew, a thick tomato-based stew with beans and meat

Answers: 1., I; 2., E; 3., B; 4., G; 5., A; 6., C; 7., D; 8., F; 9., J; 10., H

Your Eat-Q Score:
10 Correct:  You’ve won the blue ribbon!
6–9: Congratulations! Your hog came in second!
3–5: Your prize-winning squash just won honorable mention
2 or Fewer: You’ve come in last place in the pie-eating contest

Source: Olver, Lynn. “Food Timeline: State Foods.”  March 2011.