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Culinary Whimsy

Mon, March 18, 2013

7:00 PM
The Beard House
Member Price: $130 Public Price: $170 Phone: 212.627.1111
Cancellation and Food Allergy Policy

JBF Award Winner R.J. Cooper
Gypsy Soul, Merrifield, VA; and Rogue 24, Washington, D.C.

Mark McDonnell
Rogue 24, Washington, D.C.

Mixologist Bryan Tetorakis
Rogue 24, Washington, D.C.

Adventurous diners get their kicks from R.J. Cooper’s signature brand of daring and fanciful cuisine at the aptly named Rogue 24, which Washington Magazine describes as “exciting and up to the moment.” We’re sure they’ll find even more thrills at his upcoming concept, Gypsy Soul.

Event photographs taken by Eileen Miller.


  • Hors d’Oeuvre
    • Lamb Skirt with Lettuce, Yogurt, Cucumber, and Za'atar
    • Bacalao with Potato, Chorizo, Asian Pear, and Ruby Sorrel
    • Urchin with Ink, Sea Beans, Clamato, and Bread
    • Foie Gras with Potato, Black Pepper, Poutine, and Croquette
    • Wild Onion with Bento's Ham, Cream Cheese, and Mustard Petals
    • Cepe Macaroon with Poulard Liver Mousse and XO Vinegar
    • Machine Gun Blues > High West Rye Whiskey with Bonal, Green Chartreuse, Apple, and Celery
    • Resurrection > No. 3 London Dry Gin with Cocchi Americano, Combier, Absinthe, Cucumber, and Lemon
  • Dinner
    • Cuttlefish with Lardo, Pink Peppercorns, and Finger Limes
    • Thomas-Labaille Les Monts Damnés Chavignol Sancerre 2011
    • Steelhead Trout with Sand, Roe, and Seaweed
    • Thomas-Labaille Les Monts Damnés Chavignol Sancerre 2011
    • Basil Snails with Jamón Ibérico Consommé and Potatoes
    • Matello Griotte Pinot Noir 2011
    • Beef Heart with Red Cabbage, Dijon, and Elk Mustard
    • Matello Griotte Pinot Noir 2011
    • Mushrooms with Rose Petals, Dandelions, and Onions
    • Woodward Canyon Artist Series #18 Cabernet Sauvignon 2009
    • Pigeon Trio > Parfait with Truffles, Parsnips, and Consommé; Rillettes with Berries, Quinoa, and Arugula; and Breast with Figs, Madeira, Chicory, and Brown Butter
    • Woodward Canyon Artist Series #18 Cabernet Sauvignon 2009
    • Chocolate Study > Soft, Crunchy, and Nutty
    • Bodegas Dios Baco Oxford 1970 Pedro Ximénez Sherry NV

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