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Royal Thai Fare

Fri, December 13, 2013

8:00 PM
The Beard House
Member Price: $130 Public Price: $170 Phone: 212.627.1111
Cancellation and Food Allergy Policy

Matt Danzer

Uncle Boons & Mr. Donahue's, NYC

“A Jolt of Electricity Courses Through the Kitchen,” read the headline of Pete Wells’s rave two-star New York Times review of Uncle Boons last summer. Husband-and-wife co-chefs Matt Danzer and Ann Redding are Per Se alums, and their attention to detail and bold yet nuanced sensibility shines through in their vivid Thai cuisine.

Event photos taken by Lena Shamoun.


  • Hors d’Oeuvre
    • Ma Haw > Caramelized Pork and Prawns on Pineapple
    • Smoked Catfish Nam Prik on Crispy Pork Skin
    • Kai Luek Keuh > Son-in-Law Eggs > Crispy Quail Eggs with Caramelized Fish Sauce and Chiles
    • Tod Mun Plaa > Red Curry Fish Mousse Crisps 
    • Banana Blossoms with Rock Shrimp and Cashews
    • Hi-So Cocktail > Sparkling Galangal–Kaffir Leaf Cocktail
  • Dinner
    • Pla Dong 
    • Lime-Marinated Scallops with Pomelo, Lemongrass, Mint, and Toasted Coconut
    • Anko Torrentes 2012
    • Oyster Tom Khaa 
    • Oyster–Coconut Milk Soup with Galangal, Lemongrass, and Kaffir Lime Leaf
    • Caravaglio Malvasia de Salina 2011
    • Mee Krob 
    • Crispy Noodle Salad with Sawtooth Herb, Pork Belly, and Prawns
    • Westbrook Brewery White Thai
    • Lobster Kanom Jin Noodles with Acacia Leaf
    • Heidi Schrock Furmint 2012
    • Wild Boar Massaman Curry with Green Peppercorns
    • Bonny Doon Le Pousseur Syrah 2012
    • Jasmine Flower–Scented Tapioca Pudding
    • Franz Proidl Traminer 2011

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