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Wild About Alaska

Thu, October 03, 2019

7:00 PM
The Beard House
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Kirsten Dixon

Within the Wild Adventure Co., Alaska

Mandy Dixon

Within the Wild Adventure Co., Alaska and La Baleine Café, Homer, Alaska

Within the Wild, helmed by Kirsten and Mandy Dixon, offers guests breathtaking Alaska adventures and unique, delicious culinary experiences at its two remote lodges. We are delighted to invite this mother-daughter chef team to the Beard House to show off the seasonal ingredients and the spirit of wilderness they bring to their work on the very edge of the United States!

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Hors d’Oeuvre 

The Aleutian Islands >

> Sablefish with Sticky Rice and Rhubarb Kimchi

> Shrimp, Sesame, and Honey Puffs

> Rye Crisps with Dandelion Mead, Herring Roe, and Kelp

> Alaska Oysters and Singing Scallops with Sea Broth and Kelp Oil

> Salmonberry Jam with Wildflower Seed Crisps


For the Table > Alaskan Honey Sourdough Bread with Seaweed Butter, Tutka Bay Sea Salt, and Chaga Pepper

Southeast Alaska > Wild Foraged Mushrooms with Young Spruce Cone and Sea Lettuce

Western Alaska > Smoked Salmon Roe–Glazed Alaska King Crab with Alpine Herbs

The Interior > Alaska Reindeer with Russian Beet, Reindeer Lichen, and Barley

Southcentral Alaska > Wild Alaska Red Salmon with Lodge-Grown Greens, Spruce Crème, and Pickled Blueberries 

The Arctic > Winter White Bavarois with Lingonberry Jam, Fireweed–Honey Crumb, and Wild Rose

Ancient Trimble Glacier Ice Cocktail

A selection of fine beverages will be served with this dinner.