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Introducing the Blended Burger Project™ Campus Edition, a contest open exclusively to chefs at U.S. colleges and universities!

The Blended Burger Project (BBP), part of James Beard Foundation’s Impact Programs, is a movement to make burgers better. By blending ground meat with finely chopped or diced mushrooms called The Blend, you can create a burger that’s more delicious, nutritious, and sustainable. With the popularity of burgers on campus, it’s the perfect opportunity to make a significant difference—for the health of your students, the health of the planet, and the overall flavor of your burgers.  

Until now, BBP has been a summer-long initiative for all chefs. Our new BBP Campus Edition focuses on colleges and universities for three essential reasons: 

  • Colleges and universities were among the first to adopt The Blend to build more sustainable menus and satisfy their students. This segment has been a leader in sustainable food practices for many years and has pioneered countless innovations on campus.
  • There is great culinary work happening on college campuses across the nation—many featuring creative burgers and burger builds on dining hall menus. Now, the James Beard Foundation’s Blended Burger Project™ can acknowledge the work, creativity, and sustainability these campuses have to offer.  
  • The last three Blended Burger Project™ promotions ran primarily over the summer months, when students were off campus and there was virtually no one to serve or vote. 

To participate, add a Blended Burger to your menu from Labor Day through December 15, 2017 for a chance to win a trip to cook at the historic James Beard House in 2018! 

Here’s how it works:

1. Sign up here! (Read the official contest rules.)

2. Create your Blended Burger by blending at least 25 percent fresh and chopped cultivated mushrooms into your burger patty. Learn more about The Blend here. Visit MushroomsOnTheMenu.com for great recipes and inspiration.

3. Send a high-res photo and description of your Blended Burger to Michelle Santoro at blendedburger@jamesbeard.org for use in the online voting gallery.

4. The James Beard Foundation will send you digital promotional materials and a certificate that shows you are making an impact.

5. Spread the word about the contest and your Blended Burger by creating buzz on social media. Encourage your students to post your Blended Burger on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Promote your burger on campus with the #BlendedBurgerProject and #contest hashtags. Utilize the assets provided by the James Beard Foundation, as well as publicity and social media platforms to promote your burger.

6. Menu the burger throughout the promotion period, Labor Day through December 15, 2017.

7. Encourage your students to vote for your Blended Burger right here on jamesbeard.org/BBPCampus, during the promotion period. They can vote as often as they want, but only once each day. Check back often to see which burgers are receiving the most votes!

8. Six (6) chefs will win the opportunity to cook at the James Beard House in 2018! Winners will be chosen in three categories that align with the size of your school*. Selection criteria is based on the blended burger that receives the most votes in each category.
*Two winners will be named in each institution size category:
a. participants with student enrollment of under 5,000
b. participants with student enrollment of 5,001 – 14,999
c. participants with student enrollment of 15,000+

PLEASE NOTE: The award prize is given to the university, not the chef and university. The university has right to select the chef who represents them at the James Beard House event in 2018.