Industry Support Webinars

To help navigate the challenges of COVID-19 the James Beard Foundation is hosting webinars to help provide resources for the hospitality industry and to better stay connected throughout difficult times. 

Upcoming Webinars

Monday, October 19: Back to Business—Mental Health presented by Audi

2:00 P.M. ET

Featuring: Marketing & Event Specialist and Co-Founder Hassel Aviles and Executive Chef and Co-Founder Ariel Coplan, Not 9 to 5, Toronto; Chef, Author, and Social Advocate Suzanne Barre; Founder Alex Jump and Co-Founder Lauren Paylor, Focus On Health

Psychological safety is the ability to be vulnerable, make mistakes, and take risks without any fear of negative consequences. Research shows it is one of the key elements to building the most effective team, yet many figures in our industry do not value this important concept. Led by nonprofit organization Not 9 to 5, this session will discuss check-ins with your staff, active listening, and vulnerability in the workplace.

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Thursday, October 29: Back to Business—Mentorship presented by Audi

2:00 P.M. ET

Featuring: Suzanne Cups, 232 Bleecker, NYC and Anita Lo, NYC

Mentorship is key to advancing your career to the next level. We will learn from chef Suzanne Cupps and her mentor, chef Anita Lo, about best practices for finding a mentor, becoming a mentor, and getting the most out of your mentor/mentee relationship.

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Monday, November 2: Back to Business—Creating an Agile Business Model presented by Audi

2:00 P.M. ET

Moderated by Impact Programs Manager Emily Rothkrug

As restaurants rebuild from the effects of COVID-19, we’re examining ways the industry can build back better. In this session, our friends from professional services firm CohnReznick will be sharing practical tips and advice on how to create a more sustainable and more successful business model.

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For more information on what the James Beard Foundation is doing to support the hospitality industry during the COVID-19 crisis, click here.

We have also developed resources to support chef advocacy in response to the closures related to the COVID-19 outbreak. State and federal funding is necessary to support the many restaurants across the country that have been forced to close and their employees, and it will be needed to support reopening when the time comes.
With the support and feedback from chefs and culinary organizations across the country, the James Beard Foundation has created this advocacy toolkit to help the restaurant community advocate for the relief necessary for these small businesses to survive. 


Past Open for Good Webinar Recordings

Back to Business—Conflict Resolution and Mediation presented by Audi (October 14, 2020)

Conflict resolution and mediation is a critical skill to have, especially as restaurants begin to re-open. In this session, we will be joined by Sarah Diehl from Empowered Hospitality and explore tips and resources to help you and your staff deal with customer-facing issues, such as resistance to a mandatory mask policy, and more. Featuring Sarah Diehl, Empowered Hospitality; Charles Seich, Ferris Restaurant, Good Behavior Rooftop Bar, and Paper Coffee Shop; Amy Zhou, Cote Korean Steakhouse and Wine Empowered; and moderated by Impact Programs Manager Ashley Kosiak

Indigenous Food Economics (October 13, 2020)

Indigenous growers, gatherers, and eaters have managed their resources for a millennium, but these models are often overlooked in more modern systems of food management, which recognize eaters as only consumers. This webinar will explore Indigenous concepts around food management and connection, and an understanding of the relationships between each of us and our world through food. Featuring: Enrique Salmón, Cal State University, East Bay, Hayward, CA; Kamuela Joseph Nui Enos, University of Hawaiʻi, HI; and moderated by A-dae Romero-Briones, First Nations Development Institute, Longmont, CO 

I Am What I Eat—Nutrition and Mental Health (October 8, 2020)

As part of the 2020 In My Mind Conference (a global gathering by and for LGBTQ+ people of color) the James Beard Foundation is curating an exciting double-feature. First, a kitchen chat and demo with Brooklyn-based chefs Mavis-Jay Sanders and Sicily Sierra, followed by a lively panel discussion on nutrition, community resilience, and mental health, moderated by vice president of community Colleen Vincent. Featuring: Mavis-Jay Sanders and Sicily Sierra, Food + People, NYC; Private Chef Shorne Benjamin, NYC; Program Officer Daphene Altema-Johnson, Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future, Baltimore; Personal Trainer and Holistic Health Practitioner Debra Duby, Brooklyn, NY; and moderated by VP of Community Colleen Vincent, James Beard Foundation

Using Social Media and PR for Immediate Impact presented by Capital One (September 30, 2020)

Looking to cut through all the comms clutter to get your business out there? This webinar will teach you everything from how to secure press contacts and coverage to best practices for producing social media content (paid and organic), to food photography tips, and more. Featuring: Corporate Communications Manager Devon Gunn, Enterprise Brand Social & Content Strategy Senior Manager Blair Matthews, and Enterprise Brand Social Media and Content Marketing Strategy Manager Bridgette Beyer, Capital One; and moderated by Director of Sponsor Relations Victoria Jordan Rodriguez, James Beard Foundation

Underutilized Beef Cuts Across the Menu presented by the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, on behalf of the Beef Checkoff (September 29, 2020)

Beef is a key staple in many restaurants and provides versatility through the number of cuts and preparation methods it provides. Join Bridget Wasser, Executive Director of Meat Science, Culinary & Supply Chain at the National Cattlemen’s Association, a contractor to the Beef Checkoff as she discusses some of the more underutilized cuts of beef with chefs Adam Hegsted, Esther Choi, and Jennifer Hill Booker—who will share innovative examples of they can be used across the menu.  Featuring: Executive Director of Meat Science Bridget Wasser, National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, a contractor to the Beef Checkoff; Chef/Owner Adam Hegsted, Eat Good Group, Liberty Lake, WA; Chef/Owner Esther Choi, Mokbar and Ms. Yoo, NYC; Jennifer Hill Booker, Your Resident Gourmet, Atlanta; and moderated by Impact Programs Manager Emily Rothkurg, James Beard Foundation

Beef Industry from Pasture to Plate presented by the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, on behalf of the Beef Checkoff (September 22, 2020)

Raising beef is a complex process, and through it, one thing remains constant—the beef community’s commitment to raising cattle in a safe, humane, and environmentally sustainable way. A panel of experts and chefs will share how cattle are raised and cared for and how beef gets to the plate. You’ll also hear how the industry is adjusting to respond to COVID-19. Featuring: Cattle Rancher Katie Brenny, Brenny Farms, MN; Feedlot Manager Buck Wehrbein, Mead Cattle Co., Mead, NE; Josh White, National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, a contractor to the Beef Checkoff; Chef Lamar Moore, Bugsy & Meyer’s Steakhouse, Las Vegas; Dr. Howard Conyers, Manning, SC; and moderated by Impact Programs Manager Emily Rothkrug, James Beard Foundation

So, This Is Awkward...How to Have Uncomfortable Conversations presented by Captal One (September 21, 2020)

Need guidance on how to have difficult or uncomfortable conversations with employees? Then this webinar is for you. Human resources professionals from Capital One will share advice on navigating how to handle conflicts between employees, inform staff of closures or furloughs, discuss employee performance, and more. Featuring: Senior Manager Human Resources Consultant Nicole Rossel and HR Specialist Tasha Smith, Capital One and moderated by Director of Sponsor Relations Victoria Jordan Rodriguez, James Beard Foundation

Build Back Better—Practical Safety Solutions (September 15, 2020)

Zero-touch payment. HVAC. Maintenance. Cleaning. There’s so much to consider from a safety standpoint when it comes to running a restaurant during and after a pandemic. Don’t miss this special webinar as Day & Nite’s Matthew Sher and Jeremy Coffin, joined by a panel of experts, discuss the infrastructure, equipment, technology, and planning it takes to operate safely. Featuring: Performance Solutions Product Manager Jeremy Coffin, Day & Nite; President Jon Last, Sports & Leisure Research Group; Chef Albert Di Meglio, Barano, Brooklyn, NY; President Douglas Mass, Cosentini; and moderated by President/CEO Matthew Sher, Day & Nite

Cash Flow and Business Credit Basics presented by Capital One (September 14, 2020) 

Understanding cash flow and business credit can be intimidating in normal times, and even more so in a pandemic. In this webinar, panelists will guide business owners through an interactive simulation and game to help them better understand credit and cash flow management, and provide tips and strategies to keep businesses on a path to growth. Featuring: Financial Access Educator Sean Chrysostom, Capital One; Business Development New York Team Lead Sandra Bojorque, Accion, NYC; and moderated by Director of Sponsor Relations Victoria Jordan Rodriguez, James Beard Foundation

Your Voice Matters—VOTE (August 27, 2020)

Voting is an essential way to have your voice heard in the United States and in democracies around the world. According to the U.S. census, 2018 saw record highs for mid-term voting with turnout at 53.4%. With COVID-19 upending daily life this election year, it's extra important to be familiar with voting law. In this webinar we'll cover non-partisan issues including voter registration, voting early, and voting my mail. Attendees will leave with a better understanding of what the voting process will look like during COVID-19, why voting is so important, and where to find the rules, regulations, and deadlines that apply to your state. Featuring: Reema Ahmad, Movement Voter Project; Kevin Ballen, Vote Early Day; Keara Fenzel, Impactual; chef Deborah VanTrece, Twisted Soul Cookhouse & Pours, Atlanta; and moderated by chef Evan Hanczor, Egg, Brooklyn, NY.

Your Voice Matters—Congress, Constituents, and the RESTAURANTS Act (August 20, 2020)

Since 2012, JBF's Chefs Boot Camp for Policy and Change has inspired and trained chefs around the country to mobilize in support of policy decisions that impact our food system. Hundreds of chef-advocates have successfully lobbied to provide nutritious school meals, protect SNAP recipients, support American fisheries, reduce food waste, and more. Talking to a Member of Congress or a congressional staffer is a new skill for many chefs and culinary professionals, and can be intimidating. In this webinar, we'll take some of the guesswork out of the process. Webinar attendees will learn best practices when it comes to advocacy and interacting with Members of Congress and Hill staff, and will leave with a better understanding of what is happening in D.C. right now with regard to issues of importance to the restaurant community. Featuring: Robert Murray, Legislative Director, Office of Senator Roger Wicker; Patti Ross, Senior Policy Advisor, Office of the Speaker Nancy Pelosi; Moderated by Tiffany Derry, chef and restaurateur, Tiffany Derry Concepts and Roots Chicken Shak.

Build Back Better—Wages and Benefits (August 19, 2020)

Restaurant margins have always been razor-thin, and their existence has too often meant that employees are left with low wages and nonexistent benefits. So how do we build back better than before? Join us for an exciting panel of perspectives as we explore equity, budgets, fair wages, health insurance, and what it means to be “open for good.” Featuring: Chef/Owner Judy Ni, Bao.logy, Philadelphia; Chef/Owner James Mark, Big King and North, Providence, RI; and moderated by Impact and Community Coordinator Debbie Holloway, James Beard Foundation

Farmworkers in the Food System (August 18, 2020)

When we grocery shop, cook, or eat, we don’t often consider the farmworkers who made our meal possible, and the many persistent challenges they face, especially in light of COVID-19. Join Gosia Wozniacka, senior reporter for Civil Eats, as she leads a panel of crucial perspectives, including voices from Columbia Legal Services, Alianza Nacional de Campesinas, De Campesino A Campesino, and the James Beard Leadership Award–winning Coalition of Immokalee Workers. Featuring: Gerardo Reyes Chávez, Coalition of Immokalee Workers, Immokalee, FL; Attorney Andrea Schmitt, Columbia Legal Services, Seattle; Executive Director Mily Treviño-Sauceda, Alianza Nacional de Campesinas, Oxnard, CA; Pacific Northwest Regional Director Victoria Ruddy, United Farm Workers, WA; Farmworker and Founder Carmen Obeso, De Campesino A Campesino, Oxnard, CA; Translator Diveli Perez; and Moderated by Senior Reporter Gosia Wozniacka, Civil Eats

Fresh Food or Shelf-Stable? Exploring Factors of a Modern Diet (August 11, 2020)

People of color, including Indigenous people, are often cited as having poor health and bad diets. Yet present-day diets are often a result of long-standing circumstances that influence access, availability, and food choices. This webinar will explore the consequences of historical inequities for today’s generation as well as current food options.  Featuring: James Beard Leadership Award Winner and Director of the Food and Environment Program Dr. Ricardo Salvador (Zapotec), Union of Concerned Scientists; Attorney, Judge, and Traditional Food Advocate Hillary Renick (Pomo/Paiute); Kalen Goodluck, High Country News; and Moderated by A-dae Romero-Briones, First Nations Development Institute, Longmont, CO

Your Voice Matters–Social Media for Social Good (August 13, 2020)

Breaking news, gorgeous food photos, catchy cooking demos, cat videos—there’s so much content on social media platforms. But how can these platforms be used to build community and to advocate for the most pressing issues of the day? We’ll hear from chef advocates and culinary community leaders on the ways they’ve used social media to get their message across—whether connecting others, advocating for SNAP or the RESTAURANTS Act, or fighting racism. Featuring: Clay Williams, Black Food Folks, NYC; chef Paola Velez, Bakers Against Racism and Maydan, Washington, D.C.; and Matt McClure, The Hive at 21c, Bentonville, AR; and Moderated Angela Garbacz, Goldenrod Pastries, Lincoln, NE

Let’s Talk About Mental Health (August 10, 2020)

The hospitality industry is tough, with unique stressors, pressures, and challenges, and we rely on meaningful human connection to hold us together even in the best of times. Now, in the midst of a pandemic that requires isolation and physical distance, we must be ever more attuned to mental health and wellbeing. For this special webinar, we’re joined by the co-founders of Not 9 To 5, a nonprofit organization empowering hospitality, food, and beverage service workers by providing education and support around mental health and substance use. Featuring: Marketing & Event Specialist and Co-Founder Hassel Aviles and Executive Chef and Co-Founder Ariel Coplan, Not 9 to 5, Toronto; and Moderated by VP of Community Colleen Vincent, James Beard Foundation.

Your Voice Matters—Storytelling for Advocacy (August 6, 2020)

So much of advocacy is about telling a meaningful narrative—why this issue matters to you, and why it should matter to the listener. Someone crafting a compelling story needs to make it personal, yet relatable, and— when using storytelling for advocacy—focused on whatever goal you are trying to achieve. In this webinar, we’ll hear from chef advocates and speakers from the public relations and advertising worlds on crafting a story to move people on the issues you care about most. Featuring: Kandia Johnson, Founder & Chief Experience Officer, Kandid Conversations; Roshara Sanders, culinary advocate humanitarian and Chefs Boot Camp alumni; Dawn Padmore, Vice President of Culinary Marketing, Karlitz & Company; and Janina Lagemann-Doné, Strategy Director, Giant Spoon; and moderated by Preeti Mistry, Chef, Entrepreneur, Author: The Juhu Beach Club Cookbook

Simple Steps to COVID-19 Supply Chain Resilience (August 4, 2020)

Understanding food supply chains can be daunting even in the best of times, and even more so during a pandemic. Join Andrew Greene and a team of industry experts for a robust discussion on how to work with suppliers to continue to deliver quality products, ensure your business stays afloat amidst pivots and transitions, and inform the next steps of your business’s evolution. Featuring: VP Nancy Schwartz-Brooks, Sysco Corporation; National Account Manager Brittany Kepple, Hoffmaster; VP Patrick Lynch, Foodbuy LLC; and Owner/Operator Subrina Collier, The Yolk Cafe and Leah and Louise, Charlotte, NC; and moderated by Andrew Greene, Chartwells Higher Education Division.

Your Voice Matters: Food Policy in COVID-19 (July 30, 2020)

So much vital policy has happened since March due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and it can be difficult to keep track of what has passed and what is coming in the future. We’ll talk with chefs, Hill staffers, and non-profits to learn about their policy priorities as it relates to economic relief, food access, and agriculture. Featuring: Eyang Garrison, Office of Representative Marcia Fudge; Eric Deeble, National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition; Monica Gonzales, Share Our Strength; Katherine Miller, James Beard Foundation; and moderated by Patricia Griffin, NVG.

Build Back Better: Sustainability and Viability of Local Agriculture (July 28, 2020)

In a sprawling, not-always-so-united United States, local practices and foodways are indispensable for not only sustainability but also resiliency, especially in the era of COVID-19. For this panel, we’ll shine a light on some ways to preserve important local community foodways, including some that are under imminent threat of disappearing forever. Featuring: Melanie Brown, Salmon State, Bristol Bay, AK; David Shields, University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC; Germaine Jenkins, Future Farm Inc., North Charleston, SC; Ian Boden, The Shack and The Staunton Grocery, Staunton, VA; and moderated by VP of Community Colleen Vincent, James Beard Foundation.

Your Voice Matters: Chefs at Work in Policy and Change (July 23, 2020)

Chefs are some of the most trusted voices when it comes to issues around food. These culinary professionals are using their platforms to advocate for the things they care most about, from boosting SNAP to financial support for small businesses and restaurants during COVID-19 to protecting U.S. fisheries, and more. When chefs speak, others listen. Learn how Chefs Boot Camp alums have spoken out on the issues they’re passionate about, and how you can use your voice for a better food world. Featuring: Chefs Kevin Mitchell (SC); Judy Ni (PA); Sadhana Raj (AZ); and moderated by Impact Programs Manager Ashley Kosiak, James Beard Foundation.

COVID-19 and Local Food: Challenges and Opportunities (July 22, 2020)

Despite challenges like shuttered farmers' markets and restaurants, a shortage of meat processors, and the scramble to move sales online, food producers selling into local and regional markets have demonstrated real resilience during COVID-19. In this panel, we'll explore how the pandemic has affected regional food systems in different areas around the country and what that means for the future. Featuring: James Beard Leadership Award Winner and Executive Director Cornelius Blanding, The Federation of Southern Cooperatives; Executive Director Dena Leibman, Future Harvest; CEO/Farmer/Co-Owner Lindsey Lusher Shute, Farm Generations and Hearty Roots Community Farm; Farmer/Co-Owner/Manager Wendy Johnson, Jóia Food Farm and Center View Farms; and moderated by Senior Policy Reporter Lisa Elaine Held, Civil Eats.

Save Restaurants: The RESTAURANTS Act (July 16, 2020)

The Real Economic Support that Acknowledges Unique Restaurant Assistance Needed to Survive Act of 2020 (RESTAURANTS Act for short) has been introduced in both the House and the Senate. Its goal is to provide financial support to restaurants—particularly small, local restaurants that may have been left out of the Paycheck Protection Program. As proposed, the RESTAURANTS Act would provide $120 billion in grant programs, tailored to small restaurants, which means no large chains or publicly traded companies. Join us to learn more about the Act, how it would benefit restaurants across the country, and what you can do in support of the bill.

Lessons From Indigenous Food Models in a Time of Pandemic (July 14, 2020)

The global COVID-19 crisis has exposed structural weaknesses in our dominant food supply chain. In this panel, we will explore how Indigenous peoples have survived, thrived, and continued to grow their food systems, culture, and communities in the face of tragedy and countless historical pandemics and epidemics. Featuring; Petra Harmon One Hawk, Standing Rock Sioux Tribe; Valerie Segrest, Native American Agriculture Fund; and moderated by A-dae Romero-Briones, First Nations Development Institute, Longmont, CO.

Gatekeeping in the Hospitality Industry (July 13, 2020)

Gatekeeping is part of the American story: Black chefs and restaurant owners haven’t had access to the same opportunities available to many of their white peers. Join us as James Beard Award winners JJ Johnson and Will Guidara and a team of panelists share their stories and experiences of gatekeeping. Featuring: James Beard Award Winner JJ Johnson, Field Trip Harlem, NYC and Just Eats with Chef JJ; James Beard Award Winner Will Guidara, Welcome Conference; Tahiirah Habibi, The Hue Society; Justin Gaines, Lou Reda’s: An American Table, Rocky Mount, NC; Erick Williams, Virtue Restaurant & Bar, Chicago; Omar Tate, Honeysuckle Projects, NYC; Enrika Williams, Fauna Foodworks, Jackson, MS.

The PRIME Act: Regulations, Ranchers, and Restaurants (July 9, 2020)

Farmers, ranchers, and restaurants have all been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. The Processing Revival and Intrastate Meat Exemption Act (or PRIME Act—H.R.2657) is a key piece of pending legislation that helps both ranchers and chefs. Learn more about current USDA and state regulations, and how PRIME could provide better access to local, more affordable animal proteins—strengthening local economies and supporting smaller-scale production nationwide. Featuring: Rhiannon Hampson, Office of Representative Chellie Pingree, Washington, D.C.; Duskie Estes, ZAZU Catering + Farm, Sebastopol, CA; Butcher and Educator Bryan Mayer, Hawaii.

COVID-19 and Supply Chains (July 7, 2020)

Understanding food supply chains can be daunting even in the best of times, and even more so during a pandemic. For this webinar, Andrew Greene, chef Adrian Lipscombe, and A-dae Romero-Briones will use their experience in support services and work with farmers and chefs to shed some light on how COVID-19 has impacted how our food gets from the field to the kitchen. Panelists include Andrew Greene, Compass Group; Chef Adrian Lipscombe, Uptown Cafe and the 40 Acres and a Mule Project, La Crosse, WI; Director of Programs for Native Agriculture and Food Systems A-dae Romero-Briones, First Nations Development Institute, Longmont, CO.

Covid-19 and Communities of Color (June 23, 2020)
COVID-19 has had a devastating effect on America, with Black and Brown communities among the hardest hit. Join Nadra Nittle, senior reporter for Civil Eats, as she discusses the links between our food system, racism, and health outcomes with Dr. Daphene Altema-Johnson,  Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future, Brooklyn Borough president Eric Adams, JustFood Special Projects Consultant, Qiana Mickie and award-winning documentary filmmaker Clennon L. King of AugustineMonica Films.

Emergency Food Services and Covid-19 (June 18, 2020)
According to Feeding America, in 2018 37.2 million Americans lived in household defined by the federal government as “food insecure” – unable to always afford enough food to eat. With the unemployment, school closures, and insecurity brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, that number has only grown. Anti-hunger organizations across the country have been fighting this problem for years – from emergency food services and food pantries to helping community members and customers sign up for SNAP and other social services. In this webinar, we’ll talk to a few of those organizations to learn more about their work leading up to the pandemic, how their work has changed, and what the culinary community to do to support their work. Panelists include Greg Silverman of West Side Campaign Against Hunger (NYC), Mary Nesbitt of MANNA Food Bank (NC), and Chef LaToya M. Meaders of Collective Fare (NYC).

The Art of the Pivot (June 4, 2020)
Challenging situations require inventive solutions.  Join innovative culinary professionals, Esther Choi of Mokbar, Zachary Golper of Bien Cuit, and Eric Rivera of Addo as they discuss their business transformations in the face of extraordinary circumstances.

The Community Meals Fund—Valuing Restaurant/Nonprofit Partnerships During COVID-19 (May 28, 2020)
A growing number of restaurants across the country are working with non-profit organizations to help those in need the way many chefs know best – through food. The Community Meals Fund, introduced by Congresswoman Velázquez (D-NY), would provide resources for public-private partnerships to supply needed meals to children and other vulnerable populations. We’ll be joined by Monica Garay from Rep. Velázquez’s office, Jenny Dirksen of Share Our Strength, and chef Alex Raij for a conversation of the bill, food programs, and why supporting these partnerships is vital during the pandemic.

Inspiring Incubators: Lessons from Community Frontlines (May 26, 2020)
Even before COVID-19, incubators and feeding kitchens had long been entrenched in distressed communities. Join us as the James Beard Foundation's director of culinary community initiatives Colleen Vincent convenes a group of frontline advocates to discuss the lessons, solutions, and opportunities for the present and post-pandemic world. Featuring: James Beard Leadership Award Winner Caleb Zigas, La Cocina; Chef Rodney Frazer and LaToya Meaders, Collective Fare; Luke Denton, The Melting Pot Foundation, USA; and Joi Chevalier, The Cook’s Nook.

A Baker's Dozen Guidelines to Shape Restaurant Re-Openings (May 21, 2020)
Recognizing that restaurant owners and operators are struggling with the myriad of rules, regulations and guidelines around how to reopen their businesses, the Aspen Institute, World Central Kitchen, Off Their Plate and the James Beard Foundation partnered on the Safety First: Serving Food and Protecting People During Covid-19 guide. Join the lead authors of the report, James Beard award-winning journalist and Aspen Institute fellow, Corby Kummer, Smart Catch Leader Chef Danielle Leoni, Tracy Chang, Chef/Owner of PAGU, Founding Chef Partner, Off Their Plate, and Anna Bornstein of World Central Kitchen for a discussion moderated by Katherine Miller, Vice President of Impact at the James Beard Foundation. The partners will discuss why the guide was important, how it was complied, and talk about ways to use the guide to inform reopening strategies around the country. A free copy of the Safety First guide is available.

Global Considerations for Re-Opening Restaurants (May 19, 2020)
As more and more states push small businesses to re-open, restaurant owners in the United States are having to make tough decisions about how and when to open their doors to customers. In this session, we’ll explore the challenges and opportunities facing chefs across the globe as they look toward re-opening. Moderated by Mitchell Davis, chief strategy officer of the James Beard Foundation, this discussion with Unilever Food Solutions chefs Joanne Limoanco and Gili Haim, Thitid "Chef Ton"Tassanakajohn of Bangkok's Le Du (number 20 on Asia’s 50 Best in 2019), and James Beard Award winner Sarah Grueneberg of Chicago's Monteverde will tackle health and safety considerations, the economics of re-opening, and best practices and resources for owners and operators.

Food Producers in the Pandemic (May 14, 2020)
News agencies across the country are reporting on the consequences the COVID-19 pandemic will have on the American food supply chain this summer and for years to come. Like everyone, farmers and producers have been dramatically impacted. Eric Deeble, Policy Director at the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition, joins us to talk about the effect COVID-19, and policy related to the pandemic, has had on farmers, and what chefs and culinary professionals can do to support local and sustainable farms.

Ask the Experts about PPP (May 12, 2020)
Did you get a Paycheck Protection loan or a Emergency Disaster grant? Are you still confused about how to use the funds or in the case of the PPP use them in a way that maximizes loan forgiveness? You’re not alone. With the SBA updating guidance almost daily, chefs and owners around the country are still struggling to understand the Paycheck Protection Program. On Tuesday, May 12, we’ll be joined by experts from Arnold & Porter to provide chefs and owners with an update on the Paycheck Protection (PPP) and EIDL programs. In this session, owners will be able to ask about the two programs including how best to document your loan use for sake of future forgiveness, understanding the FTE calculations under PPP and other pressing questions you have.  

Spirited Conversation—African/American: Making America's Table (May 1, 2020)
For 400 years in fields, kitchens, taverns, and businesses across the country, African Americans have shaped our national culinary identity. And yet, many assume African-American cuisine consists solely of fried chicken, collard greens, and cornbread. African-American cuisine is more than soul food—it is the backbone of American cuisine. MOFAD Executive Director Peter J. Kim, Interim-President Catherine Piccoli, and James Beard Award–winning culinary historian Dr. Jessica B. Harris join us to talk about the history and future of African-American cuisine. 

Restaurants to Relief Kitchens (April 30, 2020)
The LEE Initiative, along with chefs Ming Tsai, Jessica Koslow, and more will share “a day in the life” as their restaurants-turned-pop-up relief centers meet the needs of out-of-work hospitality folks. We’ll cover topics like the logistics of funding and operation growth, the nuts and bolts of set-up and supply chain, and how the hospitality industry became its own lifeline. 

Food, Farms, and COVID-19: A Conversation with Rep. Chellie Pingree and Chef Abra Berens (April 29, 2020)
Representative Chellie Pingree (D-ME) is joined by chef Abra Berens for a conversation on the way COVID-19 has impacted small restaurants, local farmers, and policy in Washington D.C. Expect a particular focus on seasonal businesses, like those in Rep. Pingree’s home state of Maine, and the ways seasonality plays into the effects of COVID-19 across the food system.

Off Premise, Online (April 28, 2020)
In this session, we will chat with Kerry Diamond, editor-in-chief of CherryBombe and Morgan Mongtomery, National Association for Catering and Events president-elect, about how the festival, special event, and off-premise catering community is overcoming social distancing by moving online. What are the best platforms? How do you keep an audience accustomed to an immersive sensory experience engaged? What is the “new normal?” Find out as we dig into the future of off-premise hospitality with Kerry, Morgan, and a few surprise guests

Updated Food Safety and Sanitation Guidelines (April 27, 2020)
Learn about the manageable, practical steps you can take to significantly boost workplace hygiene compliance, as well as information on the most effective practices and products that can help combat the spread of COVID-19 in your business to keep your employees and customers safe. The experts at Ecolab will be joined by Jacqui Pressinger of the American Culinary Federation (ACF). The ACF is offering a 30-hour updated safety and sanitation class for food handlers free of charge for those who join the webinar. 

Spirited Conversation—Red, White, and Quarantined (April 24, 2020)
Sommelier Victoria James and Founder of RAMONA Jordan Salcito will join us to talk about how the wine industry—which has seen a 55 percent increase in demand—is meeting thirsty customers’ needs while supporting one of their most valued and hard-hit customers, the restaurant industry. Expect a candid look into maintaining an online presence, wine-based agriculture, and opportunities for folks interested in a career transition to the beverage industry.  

HR Roadmap and Employee Welfare during COVID-19 (April 23, 2020)
Sarah Diehl, Founder and Principal of Empowered Hospitality, will discuss Human Resources best practices in the wake of COVID-19 from both an employer and employee perspective. Topics will include: Staff and compensation reductions, benefits, unemployment, resources and relief funds for employees and communication best practices.

Building a Path to Reopening (April 22, 2020)
In this session, Elizabeth Tilton of Oyster Sunday will provide guidance on how to build a 360 view of reopening as it relates to operations, marketing,  finance, HR, technology, insurance, compliance, and facilities.  Expect to leave this session with a more clear roadmap on how to approach reopening, and the answer to the question “where do we start?”

The State of Food Journalism (April 21, 2020)
Food journalism has shifted priorities from a traditional model of physical publication and assigned critical voices, to increasingly digital and inclusive content. There are more outlets than ever to participate, but with restaurants shuttered and paid gigs few and far between, how can food journalists pivot their content and businesses to remain relevant? 

Culinary Cannabis (April 20, 2020)
Two of our buds in the culinary cannabis industry, Rachel Burkons and Jacqui Pressinger, join us for a conversation about the history, current uses, and future of culinary cannabis.  We’ll clarify terms like CBD, Edibles and Terpenes, we’ll also discuss business models and hospitality’s place within the industry.  The talk will conclude with an overview of the ACF’s Culinary Cannabis certificate for chefs.

Spirited Conversation: Tasting Rooms to Retail Shops (April 17, 2020)
Ann Marshall (Highwire Distilling, WEL 2018) and Melissa Katrincic (Durham Distillery) will talk at-home mixology, and what the bar and bottle business is doing to cope with ever-changing mandates and opportunities. Expect a spirited conversation on how you can survive and stay relevant during the shutdowns, followed by a Quarantini toast to taking a moment to breathe, having a laugh, and commiserating. 

Exploring the State of the Seafood Industry (April 16, 2020)
The COVID-19 crisis has forced every aspect of the seafood industry to rapidly reinvent business models and relationships. Hear from Jennifer Bushman, Barton Seaver, Katy Rivera, and Cliff White about some of the media challenges, expected shifts in the tectonics of the global industry, and predictions about what the future of seafood might look like.

Motivation in Times of Crisis (April 15, 2020)
When distractions are high and stress is mounting, keeping your team engaged and focused on their goals may feel like its own battle. In this webinar, Certified Professional Behavior Analyst, Rachel Sheerin, gives you insight into fast and effective motivational tools for leaders and peers alike to boost morale in stressful times. 

Cash Management and SBA Loans (April 14, 2020)
Aprio, an award winning CPA advisory firm, will be reviewing the EIDL, PPP, payroll credit opportunities and basic cash management strategies for restaurants.  A follow up to our first conversation on the CAREs Act Loans, this session led by CPA’s Jessica Hussain, Meredith Kowal and Tommy Lee will dive deeper into developing a strategy to determine what combination of relief opportunities may best serve your needs.

So You Want to Write a Cookbook? (April 13, 2020)
Cookbook author, food editor, and chef Shaun Chavis, Cynthia Graubart, and Virginia Willis will share lessons on the importance of digital presence, marketing, building platform, and brand; nuts and bolts of practical finances; how to write a proposal; and recipe research, writing, and testing. They will also share an inside publisher point of view on scouting new talent, and chef and restaurant collaboration for cookbooks.

TikTok and Content Cooking for Chefs (April 9, 2020)
Chef Monti Carlo, co-founder of and chef Matt Broussard (@acooknamedmatt),will dish on all things TikTok and cooking for content. In this webinar you will learn: what is TikTok and what makes it unique; strategies for building your culinary media brand; equipment you need to get started making high-quality cooking videos; a breakdown of buzzwords like “hashtag challenge” and “brand takeover”; and much more.

The Facts on SNAP and Food Access (April 8, 2020)
Ellen Vollinger of the Food Research & Action Center will provide a clear overview of, and easy to follow instructions on how to apply for, food assistance programs. Even if you’ve never qualified before, you or someone you know may be eligible now. We will cover SNAP, the Restaurant Meal Program, USDA-FNS waivers, and where to find more information on state-based resources. We will also discuss how restaurants are winning paid contracts to feed those in need.

Understanding the CARES Act (April 7, 2020)
Signed into law on Friday, March 27th, the CARES Act remains a complex piece of legislation with far reaching financial impacts. The $2 trillion bill included $377 billion in relief for small businesses, including the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) and Economic Injury Disaster Loans (EIDL). As a business owner you might wonder: Am I eligible for these loans? How do I apply? How can I get the loan forgiven? The attorneys at Arnold Porter will walk you through the details of the loans, and respond to these frequently asked questions. We’ll hold 15 minutes at the end for questions for attendees.

Retail Leases and Tenant Rights (April 6, 2020)
Cindy McLoughlin (JBF Trustee) & Richard Mirliss of Cohen Reznick will review universal rules about common retail leases for restaurants; what hospitality or food business tenant rights you may be able to invoke during this period of interruption; suggestions how to negotiate with your landlord; and most importantly, ideas on how to restart operations post COVID-19. 

Spirited Conversation: At-Home Mixology (April 3, 2020)
Gina Cheversani (Buffalo & Bergen, WEL 2019), and Monica Pearce (Tenth Ward Distillery & Owning It; DC) are going to talk at home mixology, and what the bar and bottle business is doing to cope with ever-changing mandates and opportunities.  A spirited conversation on how you can survive and stay relevant during the shutdowns, followed by raising a Quarentini to taking a moment to relax, breathe, and commiserate.

Demystifying Government Relief (April 2, 2020)
Arnold & Porter will break down Unemployment, SNAP, and other government-based resources available to the hospitality community in layman's terms that make the filing, accessing, and even informing your staff about the relief available to them a breeze. This webinar will focus on federal options and have a contact sheet for state-based options available at the end of the presentation.

Social Media during COVID-19 (April 1, 2020)
Rosalyn Mahashin, Strategic Partner Manager at Facebook Social Good, will guide you through tips and tricks to staying relevant during the shutdowns, engaging your staff and community online, creating active social networks, running effective Facebook fundraisers and other community-based options for businesses.

Intro to Sobriety Resources (March 31, 2020)
Our very own Director of Community, Colleen Vincent will be leading an information session on free resources available to folks who may wonder is AA, Ben’s Friends, or NA for me? This completely anonymous session will provide a peek into the programs, what the first meeting will be like, and aims to take the uncertainty out of getting help.  If you’ve never gone this route before, or don’t consider yourself “an addict” but are struggling right now and need a sobriety resource, this session is for you.  Also great for folks who know or care for someone struggling with addiction and want to pass on clear information.

Insurance: The Facts for Restaurants (March 30, 2020)
Feeling unsteady of how to navigate the possibilities of your insurance plan?  Evan Dash, a trusted broker of Chef-owner Judy Ni (Baology in Philly) will be reviewing universal rules about insurance, what standard hospitality or food business contracts covers, how to file a rightful claim, and most importantly a checklist of asks you can make to your insurance companies during COVID19 disruptions.

Food industry responses to COVID-19. (March 17, 2020)
We are aware of the health and safety concerns surrounding the current COVID-19 pandemic. We are also mindful of how this virus is impacting you as chefs, employers, business owners, community members, and the effect on the industry at large.