FireBird Raspberry Vodka

Ari Nieminen

FireBird, NYC

We left the method for this recipe pretty much as Ari Nieminen wrote it. Clearly, he is a man who loves his vodka. In addition to this wonderful raspberry-infused version, he served two other vodkas at his Beard House meal. This raspberry vodka makes a refreshing apéritif, as well as a lovely way to end a meal. You may prefer to enjoy a shot sans dinner, but don’t call us for a hangover remedy. Na zdorovye!


Depends on the size of your hollow leg


  • 2 pints very ripe raspberries, lightly crushed
  • 1 liter premium vodka


Combine the raspberries and the vodka in a large glass jar, remembering to save the empty vodka bottle. Cover the jar tightly and let the alcohol steep overnight at room temperature. The next day, taste a small amount of the vodka to test the intensity of the raspberry flavor. Continue to taste for up to 3 days, each time testing for sufficient raspberry flavor. If there is any liquid left by the time the vodka is fully infused, strain into the original vodka bottle, chill, and serve.