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2013 ShortDocs Challenge

Ashley Kosiak

Ashley Kosiak

December 13, 2013


This year we were proud to partner with the Third Coast International Audio Festival 2013 ShortDocs Challenge, an annual competition that invites anyone and everyone to create a short radio piece based on a unique set of rules. This year's submissions were inspired by the idea of "appetite," presented in three "courses," and included one of the five tastes (bitter, salty, sour, sweet, or umami) in the title. Choosing from many wonderful entries, we selected six to air at the James Beard Foundation Food Conference this fall. They were:

"Sweet Baby June Eats the World"
Produced by Matt Largey

“Blackbird Pot Pie: Not the Pie Umami Made”
Produced by Mary T. Diorio Schilling

“Appetite for Home: Bitter-Sweet Memories of Learning to Cook & Eat in America”
Produced by Anne Noyes Saini

“The Last Morning was a Sweet One"
Produced by Alix Blair

“Bittersweet Apostrophe’s”
Produced by Tim Needles

“Bayou Umami”
Produced by Kay Collins

To listen to the 2013 ShortDocs winners and all of the amazing submissions, visit the Festival's Radio Potluck.